How Much Does V-Mart Help the Red Sox?

Would you think I’m crazy if I said the Yankees should be thrilled at this deal?  When you look at the what the Red Sox acquired versus what they gave up, it’s very hard to knock the Victor Martinez deal.  They got an All-Star level bat who can play 2 positions for 3 pitchers who may never be anything more than mediocre.  Masterson is a pretty average reliever who has the potential to be a very good reliever or a third to fourth starter.  Hagadone and Price have terrific arms but have shown little in terms of consistent results.  Subtracting Masterson’s 4.50 ERA from the Sox pen shouldn’t hurt Boston very much, while Martinez, in his best years, often added 5+ wins per year to his team in terms of WAR (Wins Above Replacement Level Player).  This number may even go up when you consider that his bat will typically be replacing Lowell, Varitek (who between the two of them give you almost 1 win above replacement with their bats) and Ortiz, who is a minus with his bat.  V-Mart’s versatility gives them some nice options, allowing them to mix and match to their heart’s desire.

So how the heck am I happy with this deal?  It’s not so much that I’m pleased with the deal as I’m thrilled that the Sox didn’t get Halladay.  The Red Sox, you see, have a host of pretty respected prospects that, when they packaged them together, may have been able to lasso the big bull.  A Buchholtz, Bard, Masterson, Anderson package may have gotten it done, putting the Yanks in a position where they’d have a very difficult time beating Boston in the playoffs.  V-Mart gives you 2-3 W’s for the rest of the year, which makes them competitive with the Bombers, but Tampa didn’t pull anything off, so the Yanks still have an excellent chance of making the playoffs and once the playoffs begin, it’s all about pitching.

The Sox main weakness this year is not scoring runs.  They’re 5th in the A.L. in that category.  Their primary issue is starting pitching, where they are a very average 8th in the A.L.  A Boston lineup adding Victor Martinez doesn’t scare me.  V-Mart and Jason Bay, as good as they are, aren’t exectly Manny and Ortiz in their (steroid inflated) primes.  A post-season rotation of Halladay, Beckett, and Lester, however is pretty damn fearsome.  I would be very nervous having to face those guys.  A rotation of Beckett, Lester, Penney (+5.00 ERA) or Wakefield (currently injured) or Smoltz(+7.00 ERA) or Dice-K (injured AND +8.00 ERA) doesn’t exactly put the fear of God into you, does it?  The Red Sox can trade all their chips to get as many bats as they want, as far as I’m concerned.  As long as that rotation stays the way it is, I’ll be happy.

What about you guys?  Does Victor Martinez scare you?  Do you think he pushes the Red Sox past the Yankees?

31 thoughts on “How Much Does V-Mart Help the Red Sox?

  1. I don’t think they were ever getting Halladay, heck if they wanted him they could have gotten both because they didn’t use anyone the Jays coveted… being happy about the Red Sox adding one of the best hitting catchers in the league just because they didn’t get Halladay is like being happy you HIV and not AIDS either way your still dead it’s just later rather than sooner. We didn’t add a pitcher and that will ultimately kill us in the playoffs.

  2. So if we get beat in the playoffs by the Red Sox I swear I will bring this article up and we will have a discussion on the impact adding a starter would have had on our chances.

  3. You make some good points. Plus the sox have created a bit of a log jam at dh and 1st and they have no speed on their bench. Masterson gave them a lot of flexibility along the lines of Aceves. If someone goes down (and they have a lot of rehab arms) then they may miss him.

  4. This is a great deal for the Sox. Damn. This may equalize the situation with Boston, at least until Joba runs out of innings. I hope Cashman has a good plan in store. Perhaps a waiver wire trade?

  5. I agree… The Roid Sox improving their pitching would have made me nervous. Especially in the short postseason series, whether it’s a 5 or 7 game series.

    I think we can all live with the addition of V-Mart to the PED Sox. An addition of Halladay would have been tough to beat.

  6. I’m sorry, I fail to see your logic. You are HAPPY because the Red Sox improved their team, but could have improved it even more? Seems to me this was a steal for them, and as such they STILL had the tools to land Halladay had they desired. Honestly, I woud have been fine with them completely depleting their system for these two players.

    In the end, though, they didn’t improve enough to guarantee anything. Much of their WC competition bettered themselves, and we know they aleady had the tools to beat us. Will V-Mart alone be enough to make up 2.5 games? Probably not, but if we end up a game or two behind the Sox at the end, this will likely be a bigfactor.

  7. I think Sterling should start doing sarcastic home run calls for the White Sox tonight. “MITre… with a MEATball!!!”

  8. I agree Victor Martinez isn’t the difference in the world series but he could be the difference in us winning the division or fighting for a wild card spot, todays game proves how bad we need a starter to add to the rotation. The Rays are dead in the water we are 0-8 against the Red Sox worry about the team we probably have to face in the 7 game series.

  9. You basically have a guy you can play in three positions (DH, C, 1B) meaning the same guy will never sit twice and in fact the one I would see being the most pissed probably won’t be and that’s Youkilis because hes the one going from 3rd to 1st every few days which will hurt his defense in the long run.

  10. Nothing is really funny when you lose 10-5 and are coming off losing 2 in a row…

  11. Tom Gaffney: the thing i don’t understand is why trade a suddenly irrelevant laroche for an equally irrelevant first baseman?Jon is right that, with the addition of V-Mart, they could trade laroche for OF depth rather than Kotchman – weird

    I guess maybe on the defensive end it was upgrade and they value defense since Martinez can bring the offense to 1B and Kotchman will be the defensive replacement late.

  12. I too am happy about this trade, the Halladay thing aside, beyond that I think this trade does three things…it pisses off your veterans: Varitek, Lowell,Papi,and Youkilis are gonna be juggling their shit for awhile. No one is gonna be happy giving up at bats. Varitek is their captain, and when Schilling discussed the deal prior to it being done he discussed how loyal those pitchers are to him and he couldn’t fathom this option, I’m sure he’s not the only one of that opinion. Second, V Mart is a replacement player for the aforementioned, he isn’t a really significant upgrade over Papi, their hottest hitter right now Lowell, or Youk. He is an upgrade over Varitek, but equally bad defensively, and not enough to warrant pissing everyone off. And three Masterson of the 4.5 ERA has that ERA because he pitches all over the place putting out fires, he is a good reliever that the Red Sox rely heavily on, this move significantly weakens their bullpen flexibility this year. Throw in Kotchman and honestly this whole deal just doesn’t look eh, it looks bad.

  13. You have no idea what you are talking about! Even if this was a move that pissed a veteran Mike Lowell is gone at the end of the year and then everyone has a spot and no one is out of at bats. The year after that Varitek is gone and you have the replacement catcher you always wanted and can fill in your first base or third base hole with either free agents or their farm system. Anyone who think this “weakens” the Red Sox are just refusing to see the truth once we lose today’s game we are a .5 game up in the division meaning we have lost a game every single game since we didn’t make a trade.

  14. Turns out roster flexibility was the reason for the trade… Sox sent Kotchman to triple A.