5 thoughts on “Shelley gets the call

  1. I’m glad for Shelley but he can’t pitch so again this is not a move that is going to help us! If we don’t get a starter we will see Igawa in the rotation at some point.

  2. I appreciate that you are going through all the Yankees’ position players and pointing out which ones can’t pitch. Please just keep the needless panic to a minimum if you would.

    • Dude go play with yourself! It’s not panic it’s being reasonable with out adding a pitcher we are going to find a huge hole in the rotation and soon.
      On the Shelley note are we really bringing him up to DFA in two weeks? I assume Wang goes to the 60 day DL to make room for Shelley on the roster and I also assume Ransom gets DFA tomorrow to make room for Hairston Jr. to be on the 40 man but who gets axed to make room for Gardner when he comes back? Or does anyone think that Gardner’s injury may keep him out longer than originally expected?

      • No, I don’t think Brett will be out very long at all, hell he hit a triple and a couple plays in the outfield …after he messed up his hand.
        When Brett comes back…no problem, CMW is on the 60 day with X-Man soon to follow.

        • Yeah but how do you get him back in the roster when you can’t send anyone down? Shelley, Melky, Swisher, Damon, Hinske or Hairston one of them has to go to make room for Gardner because you can’t shorten your pen by one for Shelley Duncan… basically what I am getting at is Shelley is getting called up to hit against Danks and Buehrle and then to be DFA’d once Gardner is eligible to come of the DL. Enjoy the “other Duncan” while you can he will soon be released.