Washburn To Tigers, What About Duchscherer?

It seems that one of the major options to fill the rotation hole soon to be created by Joba Chamberlain’s inning limits has been snapped up by Detroit. In a strange move from a team that needed a bat a lot more than it needed an arm, Detroit has reportedly snapped up the 35 year old lefty, for prospects Luke French and Mauricio Robles. The Yankees were clearly not entirely sold on Washburn, because that is an offer that they certainly could have beaten without it hurting too much.

One guy that I think would be a good fit is Justin Duchscherer of the A’s:

Justin Duchscherer took a step forward in his comeback from the disabled list, throwing two perfect innings with two strikeouts Sunday in a rehab outing with Class A Stockton.
It was the first game this season for Duchscherer, who has been sidelined while recovering from elbow surgery and back problems. Next up is a Friday start with Triple-A Sacramento.
Duchscherer seems on track to return by mid-August. He could be part of a six-man A’s rotation, or he could start out in the bullpen to keep building arm strength.
Or, he could be wearing a different uniform.

He is a guy with a 3.14 career ERA with experience starting and relieving. He would give the Yankees incredible flexibility in terms of dealing with Joba Chamberlain, as he is another guy who can be shuttled back and forth between roles to accommodate team needs. As Buster Olney points out:

He has been often hurt in his career, but when Duchscherer is active and pitching, he usually fares pretty well, whether as a starter or a reliever. The 31-year-old has had four seasons of 55.2 or more innings, and his ERA has never been higher than 3.27 in those seasons. Twice he has made All-Star teams: once as a reliever, and once as a starting pitcher, most recently in 2008.

Seems like a nice low buy option. What do you think?

0 thoughts on “Washburn To Tigers, What About Duchscherer?

  1. Depending on his health he is interesting. It would have to be for a conditional ptbnl as his cost is 1.3 million.

  2. Come on guys, going after Duchscherer would be a huge mistake. He’s coming off an injury, has been very very very injury prone over his short career, so to give up prospects for a guy hoping that he’ll give you something over the upcoming couple of months when he hasn’t had anything to give all season would be a colossal mistake. What a gamble. Billy Bean would laugh all the way to the bank if anyone gave up a serious prospect for Duchscherer at this point.

  3. The A’s wouldn’t give up a talented guy like Duchscherer without getting something good in return. Duchscherer has great upside and Billy Beane is not stupid. So, I wouldn’t be against the Yankees getting a guy like Duchscherer, just not if the reason is to help us down the stretch run this year as he cannot be counted on to give us anything this year when he hasn’t produced anything of value all season. Hey, I’d like a Ferrari because someone else couldn’t afford the payments, but I doubt they’d be willing to just give it to me.

  4. If they need a 5th starter still, need to get someone they can rely on to give them innings, not a guy that “might” be available by mid-august.

  5. I think the other teams in baseball are trying to hamstring the Yankees so they can’t get players with out emptying the bank and if we don’t they will take worse offers at time to keep players from us. How in the hell does Luke French and Mauricio Robles equal either Jesus Montero or Austin Jackson?

  6. For everyone who thinks we didn’t “need” to get another picture tune into the game and watch Mitre hemorrhage runs and throw his sinker up at the chest of every White Sox hitter and we are on the verege of having to use our Bull pen for 8 full innings with no Hughes and no Aceves.