Yanks get Jerry Hairston Jr.

Joel Sherman has the news. Hairston, 33, was acquired from the Reds, where he hit .254/.305/.397. He can play the OF—all three positions—and some IF (3B, 2B, SS). Hairston isn’t as fast as Gardner (not even close), but he offers some speed and is a good OF defender while his defense in the IF is passable (I’m not sure about third, though). Solid bench move for the Yankees. I wonder if this ends Cody Ransom’s tenure with the club?

UPDATE – Jonathan Mayo is reporting that the Yankees might have sent Austin Jackson to the Reds in this deal though that hasn’t been confirmed. I refuse to believe that Brian Cashman would make such a move.

UPDATE – Mayo is now saying that the Jackson info is inaccurate. Whew…

UPDATE – The Yankees traded Chase Weems for Hairston.

34 thoughts on “Yanks get Jerry Hairston Jr.

  1. This is BS! The Yankees don’t need an infielder they need a starting pitcher! When Joba goes to the pen is Hairston going to pitch 7 innings? No!

    • It isn’t an either-or. He’s better than Ransom and can be a legit pinch runner. Nice move.

      • Either or what? He can’t pitch so it’s not a good move unless we get a starting pitcher because we aren’t going to even make the playoff if the rotation dwindles to Mitre and Igawa/Hirsh 4th and 5th.

        • He’s a good defender, too. He can play the IF and the OF. Hairston = no more Cody Ransom which is a good thing for this team.

        • What Ilm trying to tell you is that this move is independent of other moves. This move is a good one, whether they get pitching is another story.

          • Cool we added some speed and some depth I like that but h can’t pitch! our weakness isn’t offense, it isn’t speed it’s pitching! We can’t just keep getting offense and more offense and more offense and hope we win you need to pitch well! CC has been shaky and Burnett is locked in but due for a struggle and after that we have nothing once Joba goes to the pen.

  2. I truthfully don’t think we can beat the Red Sox now in the playoffs! Their starting rotation will kill ours at this point and they just closed the gap on our biggest strength with adding Victor MArtinez to start and now having Lowell and Casey Kotchman on the bench. I think maybe Hal and the Yankees don’t think they can win this year and are just looking at the future.

    • This doesn’t helps them outside of adding depth around the diamond, which is important, but it’s not like they traded for Roy Halladay or Adrian Gonzalez. V-Mart has been slumping since June. Jason Bay hasn’t hit since June. The Red Sox haven’t improved their rotation. Again, people need to relax a bit. The Sawx haven’t improved their pitching, which is key right now.

      • They don’t need to improve their pitching because Andy Pettitte and Sergio Mitre are currently our 3 and 4 starters in the playoffs! Joba won’t start Girardi already said so and Hughes won’t either. We need a starter and without one we have little chance.

      • Martinez won’t slump forever he is a great hitter and Bay is due to break out… they are ready to make there run and with our rotational problems we might not be able to withstand it! Think about what happens if Pettitte goes down after Joba goes to the pen our rotation is CC, AJ, Mitre, Igawa and Hirsh good god!

    • That’s an overreaction. Their rotation has the same issues after their top 2, their lineup is still not as good- go look at the numbers on Martinez for the last two months.

      • He slumped down to .280 and was crushing .340 earlier and has hurt us historically! Especially when you consider that he can play Catcher and Varitek can rest and also play first and rest Lowell so everyone is rested. We needed a starter nothing else matters without one Igawa or Hirsh starts you want that? Well you’re going to get it.

          • So when he gets healthy before October and our rotation is breaking down is that what will help me sleep at night? No one here can deny that by not getting a starter we hurt ourselves!

  3. AS I think about it I guess this gets rid of Cody Ransom and allows us to have a real bat at 3B on days Arod DHs or has off but it still doesn’t fix the rotation.

    • Hairston is better than Betemit and how could we re trade for him? And why at this point?

  4. ***Jonathan Mayo is reporting that the Yankees might have sent Austin Jackson to the Reds in this deal though that hasn’t been confirmed. I refuse to believe that Brian Cashman would make such a move. *****

    Could be the dumbest thing ever posted on this board.

    • If that happened this is the worse trade deadline ever! As is it is just a trade deadline that we didn’t do anything but kick off Ransom, trading Jackson would be the end all be all of stupid!

    • Agreed. Initially, I thought maybe there was a bigger deal being made that involved Aaron Harang, too. But nope, just bad info from Mayo.

  5. AJ Burnett Vs Josh Beckett
    CC Sabathia Vs Jon Lester
    Andy Pettitte vs Brad Penny
    Sergio Mitre/Hirsh/Nova/Aceves Vs Tim Wakfield/Clay Buchholz
    Not a good shot at getting around them, we have the better offense but they closed the gap ad have a good bench now and when Varitek sits they have Lowell, Youks and Martinez to play the triangle of the infield that’s good. Not to mention we haven’t beaten them all year and if CC or Burnett lose either game we could be in huge trouble. Not to mention that CC hasn’t been good in the playoffs except against us and Burnett is unpredictable in big situations.

      • Posada better than Martinez? At this point in his career? You are delusional! Martinez has a higher average by one point and two more HRs after slumping he is better and slightly younger than Posada so you’re wrong, if you want more offensive comparisons Ortiz > Matsui. I already said our offense if better but our pitching isn’t and if someone goes down to injury it’s even worse! We aren’t dead in the water but we don’t have a ho,d on the division anymore. Don’t be a typical we are the best ever Yankee fan.

        • You need to get off the ledge. I must be watching a different Yankee team that isn’t in 1st by 2 games.

          • Today but who cares about July 31st what matters is October and the Red Sox are stronger in October than us in pitching depth.

          • I guess that pitching depth hasn’t evidenced itself so far then.

            This kind of attitude is what drives people nuts about some Yankee fans.

            You act like CC, Burnett, Joba and Pettitte, not to mention Rivera, Hughes, Coke, Aceves, etc. aren’t worth anything. I’ll be looking for the Chico’s Bail Bonds sponsorship on their uniforms tonight.

          • It’s not about having good, players we obviously do, it’s about what our rotation looks like in October not today. CC and AJ will be in the rotation for the playoffs but with Pettitte being so inconsistent they almost have to win every time they start or Pettitte could give a series away. Joba is my man and my favorite player since I saw him play triple A but he won’t be starting in the playoffs so he may not come in with a lead and if he doesn’t he can’t get runs only hold the deficit where it is, same with every reliever. we will probably need a 4th starter at least once in a 7 game series if it goes all 7 (and against the Sox it will) and Mitre would be that 4th starter, and that is only assuming that no one gets injured. Say Pettitte has back problems and goes on the DL or can’t pitch in the playoffs then our third starter is either an unprepared (to start anyway) Hugh or Aceves or we throw a starter out from the bottom of the barrell (Mitre, Igawa or Hirsh). So don’t try and act all high and mighty Yankee fan because I disagree with the team on this one, I am a die hard Yankee fan and have been through wins, loses, trades and injuries and all I want is for this team to be a winner. everything I brought up is a possible stumbling block to that and it would have gone a long way to helping those problems be less severe if we had added a 4th or 5th level starter for a cheap prospect or two. I don’t want Halladay or Lee but a guy like Brian Bannister would have been nice and could have been gotten for fairly cheap and someone like Jon Garland would come with a price tag we could afford with out losing one of the main guys we like so much (Jackson, Hughes, Chamberlain, Montero) and he sure could have given a better performance than Mitre did tonight and also has valuable world series experience. My reasons for getting a starter aren’t spur of the moment, I have been thinking of how to improve this team all year at every step and the only real weakness we have is that once Joba’s innings count arises our starting pitch depth is almost nothing after Burnett, Sabathia and (the inconsistent) Pettitte. Am I saying we are going to miss the playoffs? No, but what I am saying is that right now I don’t think we have a pitching rotation that could win a world series, and in New York that is the goal every year and nothing less.

  6. I like we added speed, I like we get rid of Ransom, I like we add some speed but we didn’t need it! We upgraded at a position that plays once a weak! We needed a starter!

  7. I just am afraid at this point if Andy’s age catches him and he goes down with an injury we are screwed!

  8. People you can not say that the Yankees are set for a world series run, you can’t say they aren’t making the playoffs at this point but with no way to space out Joba’s starts he is now guaranteed to end up in the pen by the playoffs and I don’t trust Hughes being a good starter especially not in the playoffs against a team like the Sox. If any of you are sitting back thinking this division is in the bag you are seriously delusional!

    • I suppose a Justin Duchcherer could make it through but someone like Brian Bannister would be claimed just to keep him from the Yankees and he is cost efficient so no chance we get him now.

  9. 1 word:DISSAPOINT no trade for a pitcher with wang out for season and joba with innigs limits what da hell tinkin mr. cashman?i am really dissapoint and think the yankee dont make the playoffs again, and after that youve heard hal saying WE DONT MAKE PLAYOFF THIS YEAR BUT THE NEXT YEAR WE WILL MAKE A BETTER TEAM AND IF I GOT TO SIGN A VETERAN PITCHER WE MAKE THE DEAL, when we see the steroid sox win another world series.you know what? the yankees make me suck if we lose again. Ithink the phillies win again they have great pitcher and better offense. IM A PHILI KNOW, I CHANGE MY TEAM..

    • Good go be a Phili fan no one wants a Yankee fan who can’t spell and is either trying to be ghetto or is half brain dead, because by your writing it’s one or the other.