Wang's season in jeopardy?

Hopefully we’ll have some baseball tonight against the A’s, but in the meantime, I do have some news.

Chien-Ming Wang’s shoulder has not improved, according to Bryan Hoch, and he continues to feel significant discomfort. Hoch also notes that Wang actually believes his 2009 season may be in jeopardy and that surgery could be required. Wang visited Dr. David Altcheck yesterday about the pain and was scheduled to throw again tomorrow after being shut down earlier in the week with bicep tenderness, but for now the Yanks will hold off on that until they examine Altcheck’s findings and confer with team physician, Dr. Chris Ahmad.

The news doesn’t sound very encouraging.

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– Hoch has updated his article and notes that the Yankees will also discuss a course of action with the infamous Dr.… Click here to read the rest

Damon 2010 = Matsui 2009


Prior to the season, I had the following to say about the possibility of bringing back Johnny Damon in 2010:

This begs the question, of course, of whether the Yankees would resign Damon to a fresh contract should he have another year like 2008. If Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, and Manny Ramirez each have exorbitant demands, the Yankees may be inclined to bring back Xavier Nady or Damon on a two year deal. In the current market for outfielders, Damon would probably command 8-9 million annually, a sum definite to be lower than that of the other free agent left fielders. I would definitely consider bringing him back if he shows absolutely no decline from 2008 to 2009. His defense in LF is very strong, and I have a feeling that he will thrive as the #2 hitter. What would you do?

Damon is hitting .278/.363/.505, and the new Yankee Stadium seems tailor-made for his swing. However, his defense has taken an incredible turn for the worst, as our own Chris H.… Click here to read the rest

Pondering <strike>Halladay</strike> Holliday

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Streets of Blood trailer While everyone discusses Roy Halladay, a guy with a similar last name—Matt Holliday

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—has flown under the radar as the trade deadline approaches. Holliday is currently hitting .280/.372/.448 with 11 HR and 12 SB. His wOBA of .364 isn’t close to what he was putting up in Colorado—for instance, last season his wOBA was .418—however, he’s still having a solid offensive season despite the NL to AL struggles and lack of Coors Field power. Holliday is also having another good defensive season in LF as his UZR/150 is 7.4. Essentially, he’s a solid all around player that has a lot to offer to any team, therefore, he could end up being moved by the deadline (or the A’s can hold onto him for draft picks). A club like Detroit could definitely benefit from Holliday’s bat and glove.… Click here to read the rest

What Is Wrong With Brian Bruney?

From Erik Boland:

“It’s the best stuff we’ve seen since he’s come back,” Girardi said. “You don’t always look at the results, you look at the stuff and his stuff was much better today, and it’s really something to build on.”

Now, there was an element of truth to that in regard to the first two hitters Bruney faced. The 91-mph slider Bruney struck out Robert Andino with was nasty, and the 95-mph fastball he got Brian Roberts on was outstanding.

So Bruney’s stuff, overall, did look better than it did in his previous outing in Anaheim, but he didn’t do himself any favors attempting to downplay the home runs either.

“I thought I threw the ball tonight like I had thrown at the beginning of the year and it just so happened that they hit two out of the park,” Bruney said. “Hats off to them. I’ll get them next time.”

Bruney said later: I felt good about the way I pitched today, if I didn’t, I’d tell you I didn’t.”

That is certainly true.

Click here to read the rest

The Mets are embarrassing…OFF the field, too

To recap:

[There were] revelations that a raging Bernazard tore off his shirt and challenged the Double-A Binghamton players to a fight and called one of them a derogatory word referring to the female anatomy.

I’m sorry, but that’s completely unacceptable for a senior member of a pro team’s front office to engage in that sort of behavior. Was it not acted upon because Minaya a) hoped it wouldn’t get out into the news, b) really likes Bernazard and/or c) thought it was just “boys being boys”? What if Bernazard did this in a bar? In a strip club? In the supermarket? Would a change of location make it any more acceptable? No. It’s not the sort of image and leadership one would expect from a 52 year old vice president of a professional team anywhere.

Except it’s not the first run-in Bernazard has had lately:

All-Star closer Frankie Rodriguez confirmed this afternoon that he exchanged words on the team bus last week in Atlanta with Bernazard, the club’s embattled vice president of player development.Click here to read the rest

Jesus Montero Untouchable?

John Manuel over at BA compiled a list of “untouchable” prospects, players who are too valuable to their current clubs to be included in a deal. Jesus Montero made the list:

• Jesus Montero, c/dh, Yankees

Tapioca download Scouts who cover the Yankees organization are fond of saying the team over-values its own prospects, but the scouting consensus is that Montero is the real deal. He has premium raw power and pure hitting ability to go with it. If he can catch, he could have a Mike Piazza-esque career. More than likely, he’s New York’s future DH, and the Yankees’ asking price for him is prohibitive.

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How good a hitter is Montero right now, as one of the youngest players in AA? Jim Callis had this to say:

Doug (NYC)
Based solely on his bat, how soon could Jesus Montero hold his own in the majors?

Click here to read the rest

IIATMS Tryouts, Daily Recaps: Adam Winters

7/22/09 The Right Kind

You had the wrong kind? I’ve never had the wrong kind, ever. My worst one was right on the money.

The quote from Woody Allen’s Manhattan came to mind as the Yankees picked up another boring win against the Orioles. But a win it was, and there can be no wrong kind in this division.

it’s hard to tell which was more exciting today: the report of Tony Bernazard, sans shirt and aged all of 52 years, challenging the Binghamton Mets to a round of fisticuffs, the vaunted addition of Adam LaRoche (.247/.329/.441 this season) to the Red Sox, or this ball game. It was a ho-hum affair in the Bronx that offered little in the way of intrigue after the first inning. The Yankees were, quite literally, in rare form as they tagged a “We Haven’t Seen Him Before Hall of Fame”-guy, Jason Berken (1-8, 6.55 ERA), for four runs in the first and held on, supplemented by a Jorge Posada homerun in the third and a Posada RBI double in the eighth, to win 6-4.… Click here to read the rest