Checking in on Tex's defense

The Hammer video Mark Teixeira’s UZR rating in 2009 is -2.8 and his UZR per 150 defensive games is -4.3. In 2008, Tex was one of the better defensive first baseman in baseball, however, his excellent defense seems to have been an extreme aberration as his UZR this season indicates that...

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Joba Scared At Stadium?

Joba Chamberlain has had a disappointing season thus far. After pitching well out of the rotation last season, most Yankees fans expected him to have a big year. Instead, he has pitched like the 23 year old he is, struggling with his command and doing far too much nibbling for a guy with his stuff...

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How we got here: All Star game version

Q: Least favorite All-Star memory? I suspect it was the 11-inning tie in 2002?

A: It was unfortunate because it happened (in Milwaukee). My wife left early that night. She was smart because she was about to have hip replacement surgery. Joe (Torre) used Barry Zito for like one hitter and I said to my wife before she left, ‘I hope to hell Joe knows what he’s doing.’ And she said, ‘Oh, don’t worry, Buddy, he does.’ But when the umpire (Gerry Davis) came over to me and told me that (Vicente) Padilla was laboring and Joe was worried about Freddy Garcia. We were out of pitchers and I’ll tell you how it happened. In 1993 in Baltimore, when Cito Gaston didn’t use Mike Mussina, the crowd booed the hell out of him. The managers (then) decided they were going to get everybody in the game. Sandy Alderson (Selig’s right-hand man) and I worried from the late ’90s on that something like this was going to happen.

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Mt. St. Dibble erupts

“Listen, our guys aren’t doing as well as the other team,”he continued. “They need to be playing a lot harder than they are. What I’m saying is, it’s not so much mailing it in physically, but mentally, some of these guys, they’re happy after a ball game when they get their butts whipped, they’re happy and smiling like it’s funny when they’re getting beat in day in and day out and embarrassed on that field. I know Manny Acta and I know these coaches are busting their butts to get the most out of these guys, but the players, they don’t expect that out of each other in that locker room. That’s what I’m saying.

“Somebody needs to point a finger in there and say, ‘Enough’s enough. You guys are on my team, you’ve got to go out there and back me up.’ John Lannan deserved better out of his bullpen, he deserves better defensively, and he definitely damn well deserves better offensively after what he’s done the last six outings on a bad ballclub….So for me to watch a guy like John Lannan, who I think has a huge heart, and he goes out there, he never mails it in, I think there’s a lot of guys who should apologize to him.”

Most broadcasters are merely mouthpieces for the team’s agenda (or the team’s network’s agenda), like Michael Kay, so I find it interesting that Dibble has carte blanche to make these sort of comments.…

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Midseason Prospect Stock Watch: Risers


Jesus Montero: Of course, I can’t help but start with the big boy.  Montero was a bona fide top 50 prospect after an impressive 2008 season in low-A Charleston, hitting .326 with 17 home runs and an .868 OPS.  He was ranked 38 on the Baseball America top 100, mentioned as one of the...

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Minors Recap, 7/9

Scranton falls to Lehigh Valley, 6-3

    Mission: Impossible III the movie
  • Josh Towers started, giving up 2 runs on 5 hits and 2 walks, with 2 strikeouts.
  • Amaury Sanit had a strikeout and 2 walks in 2 scoreless.
  • Edwar Ramirez took the loss and blew the save, giving up 4 runs on 4 hits and...
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Halladay and Wells? Never…

Hank and Mike dvd

From George King (NY Post):

The buzz around MLB scouts is that if a team is interested in acquiring Roy Halladay from the Blue Jays it better be ready to accept center fielder Vernon Wells, too. Since Wells has $107 million remaining starting next year,...

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In case you were wondering: Montero is #3

Top 25 Prospects

  1. Jason Heyward, of, Braves
  2. Mike Stanton, of, Marlins
  3. Jesus Montero, c, Yankees
  4. Justin Smoak, 1b, Rangers
  5. Madison Bumgarner, lhp, Giants
  6. Buster Posey, c, Giants
  7. Carlos Santana, c, Indians
  8. Chris Tillman, rhp, Orioles
  9. Brian Matusz, lhp, Orioles
  10. Logan Morrison, 1b, Marlins
  11. Freddie Freeman, 1b, Braves
  12. Jarrod Parker, rhp, Diamondbacks
  13. Neftali Feliz, rhp, Rangers
  14. Alcides Escobar, ss, Brewers
  15. Yonder Alonso, 1b, Reds
  16. Wade Davis, rhp, Rays
  17. Dominic Brown, of, Phillies
  18. Desmond Jennings, of, Rays
  19. Jason Castro, c, Astros
  20. Tim Beckham, ss, Rays
  21. Brett Wallace, 3b, Cardinals
  22. Matt LaPorta, 1b/of, Indians
  23. Michael Taylor, of, Phillies
  24. Kyle Drabek, rhp, Phillies
  25. Michael Saunders, of, Mariners

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