Checking in on Tex's defense

The Hammer video Mark Teixeira’s UZR rating in 2009 is -2.8 and his UZR per 150 defensive games is -4.3. In 2008, Tex was one of the better defensive first baseman in baseball, however, his excellent defense seems to have been an extreme aberration as his UZR this season indicates that he is a below average defender at 1B (in range runs and double play runs Stagknight release —he’s above average in error runs). This notion goes beyond 2009, though. Here’s what I wrote in January Pippi Longstocking movie about Tex’s defense. A Little Princess film In 2007, Mark Teixeira Continue reading Checking in on Tex's defense

Joba Scared At Stadium?

Joba Chamberlain has had a disappointing season thus far. After pitching well out of the rotation last season, most Yankees fans expected him to have a big year. Instead, he has pitched like the 23 year old he is, struggling with his command and doing far too much nibbling for a guy with his stuff. His starts are often excruciating to watch, as he seems to go to a full count on every hitter. While his results are solid (4.04 ERA), his process is terrible, and his peripherals suggest that he has been lucky to achieve even the results that Continue reading Joba Scared At Stadium?

How we got here: All Star game version

Wanna rile me up? Talk about the All Star game in its current state. Since the tie in 2002, the All Star Game ceased being an exhibition and had value attached to it. Why, because the game ended in a tie? So what? What’s the big deal? The game SHOULD be an exhibition to showcase the game’s biggest stars on one stage for one night. I love it. LOVE the All Star Game.

Now, we have a selection process fit for an exhibition but the game counts. These two things are in direct conflict. As I have said countless times, make it one or the other, not both. Mr. Selig, stop trying to be all things to all people. Have the game remain an exhibition, keep the fan voting and the mandatory representation. Keep the merry-go-round of players to make sure everyone gets to see “their guy” and end the game, tie or not, after 9 innings (I’ll even consider going to the 11th!). Home field advantage for the World Series would be determined by overall record, with the tiebreaker being interleague record. This tiebreaker would be a boon for Bud as 1) interleague is one of his “babies” and 2) it would ensure that interleague would continue.

Or make the game count and remove the mandatory representation and the current election process. Fan vote counts for 1/3 with the players’ vote counting for another 1/3 and the managers’ vote accounting for the balance to determine the starters. The manager is responsible for filling out the balance of the roster as he sees fit to field a winning team. The best players play most of the game. If players don’t get it, so be it. Play until there’s a winner.

OK, that’s concludes the rant portion of this posting. So how did we get to this spot in the first place? Rick Hummel of the St.Louis Post Dispatch interviewed Bud Selig and he shed some light on this:

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Mt. St. Dibble erupts

I listen to Rob Dibble most afternoons on XM radio and for the most part, I enjoy his perspective. I hate how utterly dismissive he is towards those of us, like me, who dare to have a voice without credentials (either press or former-player). But that’s another story for another time.

Dibbs went nuts on his employer’s team yesterday, and I think it was glorious:

“Well, I’ve seen it all year,” Dibble said. “You have a team that came off a 102-loss season….Guys just aren’t getting to balls, they’re not trying, they’re not diving, and more importantly, guys aren’t calling them out….

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Midseason Prospect Stock Watch: Risers

.!. Jesus Montero: Of course, I can’t help but start with the big boy.  Montero was a bona fide top 50 prospect after an impressive 2008 season in low-A Charleston, hitting .326 with 17 home runs and an .868 OPS.  He was ranked 38 on the Baseball America top 100, mentioned as one of the best overall hitters in the minors, but still held back by positional questions. Revamped In 2009, Montero picked up right where he left off in Tampa in the high-A Florida State League.  In a tough park for hitters in a pitcher’s league, Montero continued to Continue reading Midseason Prospect Stock Watch: Risers

Minors Recap, 7/9

Scranton falls to Lehigh Valley, 6-3 Mission: Impossible III the movie Josh Towers started, giving up 2 runs on 5 hits and 2 walks, with 2 strikeouts. Amaury Sanit had a strikeout and 2 walks in 2 scoreless. Edwar Ramirez took the loss and blew the save, giving up 4 runs on 4 hits and a walk in 2 innings of work. Ramiro Pena and Austin Jackson were each 1 for 4.  Pena also stole a base. Shelley Duncan was 1 for 3 with a double and a walk. Juan Miranda was 0 for 3 with a walk. Francisco Cervelli Continue reading Minors Recap, 7/9

Melancon To Majors

666: The Beast buy Shiloh After using 6 relievers to get the victory in today’s game versus the Twins, the Yankees have decided to call up Mark Melancon (according to Chad Jennings Practical Magic hd Gryphon rip Skameyka full movie Day of the Dead trailer Half Baked rip Die, Mommie, Die! ). He is probably going to remain with the team until the player he replaces is eligible to return, unless he impresses and finds a way to remain with the big club. He is likely to replace Jon Albaladejo or David Robertson, but there is no confirmation as to Continue reading Melancon To Majors

Halladay and Wells? Never…

Inheritance psp Hank and Mike dvd From George King (NY Post): The buzz around MLB scouts is that if a team is interested in acquiring Roy Halladay from the Blue Jays it better be ready to accept center fielder Vernon Wells, too. Since Wells has $107 million remaining starting next year, that’s going to be hard to swallow. Especially because Halladay will likely seek a long-term deal in Sabathia’s $161 million range to waive his no-trade clause. Halladay is signed through next year at $15.75 million. I Love Miami dvd I often wonder if King reads what’s on the blogosphere Continue reading Halladay and Wells? Never…

In case you were wondering: Montero is #3

With the trade deadline at the end of the month and all the Doc Halladay rumors swirling (no, he’s not coming to the Yanks; can’t see it happening), it’s worth looking who might be most attractive from the Yanks farm system. Here’s something you might not have known or expected: Yanks catching prospect Jesus Montero is Baseball America’s #3 overall prospect right now. No, really.

No other Yanks are in the Top 25. Austin Jackson is in the group under the heading of “The Next 25“.

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