WADA thinks MLB should adopt; no mention of NFL, others

MLB VP of Labor Relations Rob Manfred tossed that grenade in the garbage quite niftily:

“It is absurd to suggest that ‘recently published books’ — which allege steroid use that occurred years ago — have any relevance to our current program,” Manfred said. “As demonstrated by recent events, when a player tests positive, the penalty is public and severe.”
“A first-time offender misses 50 competitive events. Even with a two-year ban, no Olympic athlete misses that many competitive events,”
he said. “There is a reason why no major professional sport operates under the umbrella of the World Anti-Doping Agency. This reason is that officials like Mr. Fahey fail to appreciate that professional sports operate in a very different legal and competitive environment then do Olympic sports.”

Nicely done, Mr. Manfred.

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Weiner to replace Fehr

From what I wrote back then:

What did the MLBPA know and when did they know it?

According to the Gammons article, Romero claims that “he spoke to Michael Weiner at the MLBPA and told him he did not know the cause of the positive test. On Oct. 1, Weiner told Romero that the specific supplement was indeed the cause of the failed test and that because it was purchased over the counter in the U.S., he believed the case would be dropped.”

Why, then, would Michael Weiner, MLBPA’s General Counsel, issue a tersely written “Statement Statement In Response to Media Reports on the Suspension of J.C. Romero” emailed to all MLBPA personnel? Press stories here has to only refer to that Gammons source article, essentially coming from Romero’s mouth. So what did Weiner have to say about one of his dues-paying Union members’ claims?

Some press stories have stated that the Association advised players that the particular supplement J.C.

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Minors Recap, 7/8

Scranton beaten by Buffalo, 4-1 7-10 Split divx

  • Romulo Sanchez took the loss, giving up 3 runs on 5 hits and 2 walks in 5 2/3 innings.  Sanchez also struck out 2.
  • Kevin Russo and Austin Jackson were each 1 for 4.  Russo’s hit was a double.
  • Ramiro Pena was 2 for 4 with a...
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Quick Bits: Halladay, Ryan, Montero


Stormbreaker movie Here are three quick news items before tonight’s game:

  • Via Joel Sherman’s Twitter feed, it appears as though Roy Halladay will not be a Yankee come the trade deadline (surprised?). According to Sherman, unnamed Yankee “officials” told him that there is “zero chance” that they will trade for the...
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