Munson book links

There’s a new Thurman Munson biography out and I had no idea. [note to self: get on publishers advance copy lists]. Two links worthy of mention:

Good work, guys! When you see me at the Stadium later this month, I’ll be the one in the #15 road jersey.

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Montero 3rd Best Prospect In Baseball

.!. Baseball America released their midseason top prospect list, and Jesus Montero takes a huge leap to #3. He is behind Jason Heyward of the Braves and Mike Stanton of the Marlins, and just ahead of Justin Smoak and Madison Bumgarner. I think that Montero rise up the list has a lot to do with just how good his bat has been this year. I know this sounds obvious, but we knew he could hit last year. However, there were concerns that he would not stick at catcher. However, he has hit so well this year that BA must be Continue reading Montero 3rd Best Prospect In Baseball

Baseball wives: Anyone watch?

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WADA thinks MLB should adopt; no mention of NFL, others

Yet another sterling example of the “higher standard” that MLB gets held to regarding PEDs, particularly cast against the NFL.

“MLB, the players and all those involved in the league need to clearly demonstrate that they are committed to ridding their sport from doping,” [WADA president John] Fahey said in a statement Wednesday. “With recent cases, investigations and revelations, including in recently published books, the evidence is indisputable that doping remains an entrenched issue in baseball.”

Sure, no mention of football players or other sports in which their constituents are clearly still using and getting caught using. It’s that baseball has a longer history and heritage (and devotion to stats) that forces MLB to be held to higher standards. A player testing positive in the NFL (first time) faces a 4 game suspension, a nifty quarter of the season. In baseball, that player gets 50 games to ponder his fate; 31% of the season. MLB already has a tougher stance on PEDs than the NFL, but WADA insists that only MLB adopt its standards.

Stupid hypocrisy. What about other sports? Tennis, golf, hockey, etc.? Nope, just baseball.
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Weiner to replace Fehr

MLBPA General Counsel Michael Weiner has cleared the first hurdle towards his goal of replacing outgoing Union chief Donald Fehr:

Michael Weiner has been approved unanimously by the Major League Baseball Players Association executive board to succeed Donald Fehr as the union’s head.

The board decided during a conference call Tuesday to put the decision to a vote of its full membership, which includes players, managers, coaches and trainers.

Weiner was hired by the union as a lawyer in 1988 and became general counsel, its No. 3 position, five years ago. The union said it anticipates Weiner will take over from Fehr after the season.

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeing Mr. Weiner, but I like what I can already see about him. Remember back in January 2009 when JC Romero and Sergio Mitre were bounced for 50 games for taking a supplement they claim they didn’t know was off limits?

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Brett Gardner For ROY?

.!. Jon Heyman recently posted his award winners at the midway point of the season. His AL ROY list was as follows: 1. Ricky Romero, Blue Jays. Enchanted 2. Elvis Andrus, Rangers. 3. Andrew Bailey, A’s. 4. Rick Porcello, Tigers. 5. Nolan Reimold, Orioles. Tom Verducci did the same: 1) Ricky Romero, Blue Jays. 2) Rick Porcello, Tigers. 3) Brad Bergesen, Orioles. Considering that Brett Gardner has a higher WAR than all of the named players, I would say that he is a notable omission from these lists. Gardner is having a very good season with the bat, and has Continue reading Brett Gardner For ROY?

Minors Recap, 7/8

Scranton beaten by Buffalo, 4-1 7-10 Split divx Romulo Sanchez took the loss, giving up 3 runs on 5 hits and 2 walks in 5 2/3 innings.  Sanchez also struck out 2. Kevin Russo and Austin Jackson were each 1 for 4.  Russo’s hit was a double. Ramiro Pena was 2 for 4 with a double. Shelley Duncan and Juan Miranda were each 0 for 3 with a walk. Yurendell de Caster was 2 for 4 with a double. Incubus movie full Trenton edges New Hampshire, 2-1 (11 innings) Saved! release Wilkins de la Rosa pitched well in his 2nd Continue reading Minors Recap, 7/8

Quick Bits: Halladay, Ryan, Montero

.!. Stormbreaker movie Here are three quick news items before tonight’s game: Via Joel Sherman’s Twitter feed, it appears as though Roy Halladay will not be a Yankee come the trade deadline (surprised?). According to Sherman, unnamed Yankee “officials” told him that there is “zero chance” that they will trade for the Toronto ace. The “officials” noted that they wouldn’t trade for Halladay for the same reasons they didn’t acquire Johan Santana (i.e., money and the loss of young talent). Obviously, it doesn’t matter what unnamed sources say today because we’ve seen how meaningless these reports can ultimately be, however, Continue reading Quick Bits: Halladay, Ryan, Montero

An Interesting Tidbit On The Bullpen

The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond release Hellraiser psp Little Hiawatha movie Stone of Destiny release Run Ronnie Run hd This was in a comment by Steve H from RAB’s game thread last night. I thought it was interesting, relevant, and something you will never see repeated by ESPN: Rock Star download Just Like Heaven video Frankenhood buy download The Assassination of Richard Nixon Since May 1st the Yankees pen has a better ERA, Whip, K/9, K/BB than the Sox bullpen. download Russell Brand: Live I have not checked the data, but I am pretty sure that this statement is Continue reading An Interesting Tidbit On The Bullpen