Aceves and Marte update

According to Bryan Hoch, Alfredo Aceves’ shoulder felt better today after a 20-pitch bullpen session. In addition, from PA, we learn that Damaso Marte was throwing 88 mph meatballs last night (he gave up 2 homers). Marte has now given up 3 ER over 4 2/3 IP with Scranton. He usually throws around 92 mph, so maybe it’s just a bit of rust. However, as PA states, I don’t think the Yankees can count on him coming back anytime soon. His latest outing may force them to pursue another lefty via trade.

What's next? Tribal armbands on the uniform?

I did not intend the last week and a half to be a “bash the Mets” session.” They just keep giving me material worth bashing.

Thanks to Maury at the Biz of Baseball for this latest:

Tuesday, during a Citi Field press conference, Mets players Daniel Murphy, Bobby Parnell, J.J. Putz, Omir Santos and Gary Sheffield unveiled The Players Choice Signature Series featuring jerseys, T-shirts and caps they designed exclusively for their fans, with each product expressing the personalities and attitudes of the individual players who designed them.

Really? Green Mets jerseys? Check. Lightning? Check. Eagles? Check. Tribal patterns? Check. Scorpions? Check. Woooohoooooohoooo. Why not just get Ed Hardy to design something and it can come with a fake tanner.

I debated titling this posting: “Another reason why your team sucks“. Maybe I should have. Of course, as soon as the Yanks have a similar artistic brainfart, I will mock them equally.

Pictures after the jump. Just jump with caution.

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What The Lee Trade Proves About A Halladay Deal

Cliff Lee was traded this afternoon for the following package: Triple-A right-hander Carlos Carrasco, Class A righty Jason Knapp, catcher Lou Marson — the likely heir apparent to Victor Martinez — and shortstop Jason Donald will be sent to Cleveland. Philadelphia has 3 top 25 type prospects (Kyle Drabek, Dominic Brown, Michael Taylor) and one prospect pitching incredibly well in the majors (J.A. Happ), and gave up none in the deal for Lee and Ben Francisco. An equivalent package from the Yankees might be Austin Jackson, Austin Romine, Zach McCallister, and Dellin Betances. While Cliff Lee is not Roy Halladay’s Continue reading What The Lee Trade Proves About A Halladay Deal

Lee on his way to Philly

I realllllly like this trade for Philly. And the Mets should not consider themselves buyers. The NL East race is now officially over. I am calling it. No need to consult Nate Silver.

The Phillies have reached agreement on a trade that would bring them left-hander Cliff Lee and outfielder Ben Francisco from the Indians for Class A right-hander Jason Knapp, Class AAA right-hander Carlos Carrasco, shortstop Jason Donald and catcher Lou Marson, according to major-league sources.

The key, for me, is Lee’s contract:

  • 2009: $5.75M (prorated to roughly $2.2 million)
  • 2010: $8M club option ($1M buyout), price of 2010 option increases to:
    * $9M with Cy Young in 2008 (met)

That’s a dirt cheap price for a pitcher of Lee’s caliber. Not to mention, the Phillies get to keep Happ AND Drabek. The lack of subtraction from their MLB roster for the Phils is great. Pure addition. And they keep the best prospect in their system. Francisco is a useful part for the team, too. He’s got a bit of pop and can run, too.

Halladay, while a better pitcher, would have cost more in total dollars and would have cost the Phils at least one of Drabek and/or Happ.

Good one, Amaro.

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Yanks acquire Jason Hirsh

Not the blockbuster you’ve been hoping for, I’m sure, but from Tyler Kepner’s Twitter page, we learn that the Yankees have traded for right-hander Jason Hirsh of the Colorado Rockies. Kepner notes that the trade is for “depth at AAA.” Hirsh, 27 (and 6′ 8”), was actually a good pitcher with Houston before joining the Rockies, so maybe the change in scenery (i.e., altitude) will help him regain his form. Bryan Hoch says that Hirsh was traded for a PTBNL (player to be named later) and has been assigned to Scranton. Also, Marc Carig tweets that Brett Tomko has been Continue reading Yanks acquire Jason Hirsh

The 100 pitch barrier

This article by Tim Kurkjian is about as well done an article on the subject of the 100 pitch count limit as I have read in some time:

The term has been a part of baseball for over 20 years, and is defined as any start that is at least six innings pitched and no more than three earned runs. We have a generation of pitchers thinking if they go six and keep their team in the game, then they’ve done their job.

That’s the biggest thing to me,” said Phillies manager Charlie Manuel. “Six innings, that’s about 100 pitches. That’s where the magic number came from, I think. When I managed in the minor leagues [in the 1970s], when we got a guy to 120 pitches, we would start to watch, but we’d go as high as 140 pitches. But every year since, [the number of pitches] keeps on dropping.

The Rangers, under club president Nolan Ryan, have changed the definition of the quality start, making it seven innings and three runs, instead of six innings. It seems to be working. The Rangers are pitching better than they have in several years, in part because they’re being pushed to go deeper into games.

Curt Schilling said it best: six innings and three runs is a 4.50 ERA,” [Josh] Beckett said. “That is not a quality start — not from where I come from.”

Schilling’s a lot of things, but he’s spot on right there. So is Nolan Ryan, no surprise.

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Anonymous Scout: Joba =/= Beckett

In the past, I have been very critical of writers for presenting opinions from anonymous scouts without providing us with the scout’s credentials. This is a tactic that allows a writer to spout off about whatever they so choose, as the following quote from Jayson Stark’s most recent column illustrates perfectly: On Joba Chamberlain: “They’re waiting for him to become the next Josh Beckett, and it ain’t gonna happen. He just doesn’t have the power stuff Beckett has. He doesn’t have the delivery. He’s not the athlete Beckett is. And he doesn’t have the breaking stuff. If they ever get Continue reading Anonymous Scout: Joba =/= Beckett

Swisher, Damon and Defense

While watching last night’s game, a few things struck me in relation to Nick Swisher and Johnny Damon. First, regarding Nick Swisher—who had his moments in the OF—earlier in the season I defended Swisher’s defense. Generally, whenever a ball landed in his vicinity out in right field, he made every defensive play look like an adventure straight out of a Peter Jackson movie, but his ultimate zone rating seemed to indicate that he was a pretty average outfielder (and in seasons passed, he’s been an above average defensive player in right field). Now, whenever a ball lands in right, Swisher Continue reading Swisher, Damon and Defense

Game 100: Yanks 2, Rays 6

A bad game was bound to happen eventually, and the Yankee’s filled last night’s contest against the Rays with as much bad baseball as they could. Luckily, Jonathan Papelbon let a Boston 3-run lead slip away from him in the ninth and the A’s beat the Red Sox in extra innings, keeping the Yankees 2.5 games ahead in the AL East.

CC was clearly not sharp last night. He got into trouble in the second inning, in part due to a throwing error by Jeter. He minimized the damage to one run, but the third inning spelled more of the same. This time the Rays were able to score 2-runs, with help from a throwing error on A-Rod. Matsui got New York on the board with a RBI single in the top of the fourth, but then promptly overran first and got tagged out. Longoria went long off CC in the fifth and the Rays added two more runs in the sixth to put the Yanks in a 6-1 hole when Sabathia left the mound. Girardi either had already given up or heard every beat reporter, blogger and fan that wondered why Melancon was warming the bench, so he gave the kid a shot. He pitched 2.1 innings of shutout ball, but the damage was done and the Yankees lost 6-2.

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