Aceves and Marte update

According to Bryan Hoch, Alfredo Aceves’ shoulder felt better today after a 20-pitch bullpen session.

In addition, from PA, we learn that Damaso Marte was throwing 88 mph meatballs last night (he gave up 2 homers). Marte has now given up 3 ER over 4 2/3 IP with Scranton. He usually throws around 92...

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Yanks acquire Jason Hirsh

Not the blockbuster you’ve been hoping for, I’m sure, but from Tyler Kepner’s Twitter page, we learn that the Yankees have traded for right-hander Jason Hirsh of the Colorado Rockies. Kepner notes that the trade is for “depth at AAA.” Hirsh, 27 (and 6′ 8”), was actually a good pitcher with Houston...

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Swisher, Damon and Defense

While watching last night’s game, a few things struck me in relation to Nick Swisher and Johnny Damon.

First, regarding Nick Swisher—who had his moments in the OF—earlier in the season I defended Swisher’s defense. Generally, whenever a ball landed in his vicinity out in right field, he made every defensive play look like an adventure...

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Game 100: Yanks 2, Rays 6

Bad News:

CC: In 5.2 innings pitched he gave up 9 hits, 6 runs (5 earned), walked two and struck out 6. He wasn’t helped by the poor defense, but it was clear CC didn’t have it last night.

Defense: The Yankee defense has really improved from the last couple seasons. Obviously Teixeira is a big part of that, but there are some throws even he can’t stop. Jeter and A-Rod both threw the ball away for errors, but there were other poor defensive plays that certainly did not help. Zobrist’s triple was mostly due to Nick Swisher misplaying a hit down the first baseline and then doing his best Bobby Abreu while he tried to catch up with the ball.

Offense: Kazmir definitely looked better than he has this season, however, the Yankees batters did not capitalize on his mistakes. Jeter, Damon, Cano and Cabrera all went 3-0 and the Yankees as a team went 2-7 with runners in scoring position.…

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