Game 100: Yankees 2, Rays 6

A bad game was bound to happen eventually, and the Yankee’s filled last night’s contest against the Rays with as much bad baseball as they could. Luckily, Jonathan Papelbon let a Boston 3-run lead slip away from him in the ninth and the A’s beat the Red Sox in extra innings, keeping the Yankees 2.5 games ahead in the AL East.

CC was clearly not sharp last night. He got into trouble in the second inning, in part due to a throwing error by Jeter. He minimized the damage to one run, but the third inning spelled more of the same. This time the Rays were able to score 2-runs, with help from a throwing error on A-Rod. Matsui got New York on the board with a RBI single in the top of the fourth, but then promptly overran first and got tagged out. Longoria went long off CC in the fifth and the Rays added two more runs in the sixth to put the Yanks in a 6-1 hole when Sabathia left the mound. Girardi either had already given up or heard every beat reporter, blogger and fan that wondered why Melancon was warming the bench, so he gave the kid a shot. He pitched 2.1 innings of shutout ball, but the damage was done and the Yankees lost 6-2.

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Snell traded to Seattle

MLBTR (via Dejan Kovacevic) is reporting that Ian Snell, along with Jack Wilson, has been traded to the Mariners for Ronny Cedeno, Jeff Clement (who never got enough playing time, in my opinion), Brett Lorin, Aaron Pribanic, and Nathan Adcock. I guess this means Ian Snell won’t be joining the Yankees and that they’ll have to look for pitching depth elsewhere (not that he was at the top of the list, of course). The trade is strange for Seattle, though. I thought that they were sellers? Hmmm…. UPDATE – It looks like Cliff Lee is headed to the Phillies.

Trade deadline memories

Lar from Wezen-ball takes us on a stroll down Memory Lane, back to 1998 when Randy Johnson was traded to the Astros.

Whatever his motivation was, Johnson really pulled things together in Houston. In eleven starts as an Astro, Johnson was 10-1 with a 1.28 ERA and 116 strikeouts in only 84 innings. He also had four complete game shutouts in that span. On the day of the trade, the Astros were in first place in the Central by 3.5 games. From that day forward, they had the best record in the majors and finished the season 12.5 games ahead of the second-place Cubs. Johnson more than earned the $2 million that the Astros paid him that year.
In the postseason, the Astros hosted the Padres in the Division Series. In his two starts, Johnson pitched 14 innings, striking out 17 batters and giving up a total of three earned runs. His offense failed him in each game, though, supporting him with a total of one run in the innings he pitched. The Astros lost both games he pitched in, and went on to lose the series 3-1.
Nice work, Lar!

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What would scare me more: Halladay or Gonzalez or Lee & V-Mart

I’ve tried not to get to wrapped up in the rumor mill (except for ones that make me angry; I’m looking at you, Brandon Arroyo). The last day or so, however, I can’t help but see the RedSox plastered all over the place. In heavy discussions with Toronto for Doc Halladay. Dancing with San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez. And then there’s the “get Victor Martinez AND Cliff Lee” mega-deal. Either way, an acquisition of that caliber would scare me, as a Yanks fan. But which would scare me more?

One of the things the RedSox could use (I am refraining from the word “need” since they don’t really need some of these things) is a boost from their corner infield spots. Adding Adrian Gonzalez could bump Lowell to the bench and put Youk at 3B. That would be a tremendous upgrade. Of course, it doesn’t solve their SS blackhole. But still, a lineup that can run Pedroia, Youk, Adrian, Bay, Papi is a damn formidable quintet. Having Lowell and newly acquired LaRoche on the bench would be nice, but might leave the team short in the middle infield depth. That lineup would be a beast to navigate. However, figuring that Buchholz would be in the deal to land Adrian, it would leave their rotation further in the lurch. Smoltz has been pedestrian, putting it kindly. Wakefield and Dice-K are on the DL, too. That leaves Beckett and Lester (two studs), Brad Penny, and….? Does Masterson re-enter the rotation? Do they rush Wakefield back? This is not a rotation that would really make me sweat. The RedSox have preached pitching and defense and by subtracting Buchholz, they are weakening a pillar.

Now, if the Sox landed Halladay, I would be scared. Beckett, Halladay and Lester are good enough to beat anyone, anytime, anywhere. It would also make the back end of the rotation less worrisome. The lineup would have to bump along with Lowell and LaRoche playing bigger roles than in the Adrian scenario. But Doc is that good, that dominating, that much of a positive influence (look what he did with Burnett), that I can’t help but be terrified if the Sox landed him. And if they were able to simply take on Scutaro as part of the deal to shore up their SS hole, that’d be a great move for the Sox. A great one.

The Lee & V-Mart scenaro is an interesting one. It would put a very good bat in the lineup (and could spell ‘Tek a few times a week) in addition to adding a very good pitcher. I don’t have any really good reason or data to back this next statement up, but: Cliff Lee doesn’t scare me. I think he’s over his head. He’s good, but he’s not THIS good. However, he’s still an upper tier starter and when you add him along with V-Mart, that’s intimidating.

Which scenario would scare you the most? What have I missed?

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Are CC and AJ Being Abused?

Mike at RAB asked this question yesterday, and this is what he found: The crew at Baseball Prospectus developed a stat called Pitcher Abuse Points (PAP), which is intended to measure … well … pitcher abuse. You can read a ton more about PAP here, but it’s calculated by cubing each pitch a guy throws past 100 in a start, and just summing up the “points.” So if Sabathia throws 105 pitches in a start, his PAP is 125 (five pitches cubed, or 5 x 5 x 5). Justin Verlander is the far and away the most abused pitcher in Continue reading Are CC and AJ Being Abused?

Minors Recap, 7/28

Scranton defeated by Durham, 4-2 Josh Towers got the start, giving up 2 runs on 6 hits and a walk in 7 innings, while striking out 7. Damaso Marte took the loss, giving up 2 runs on 3 hits (2 left the yard) in 1 2/3 innings, and striking out 3.  The strikeouts indicate that his stuff is likely good, but the 2 home runs indicate that he has some work to do still. Kevin Russo, Shelley Duncan, John Rodriguez, and Chris Stewart were 1 for 4. Ramiro Pena was 0 for 4. Austin Jackson was 1 for 4. Yurrell Continue reading Minors Recap, 7/28

Wang done for the year

Pete Abraham reports that Chien-Ming Wang will have season-ending surgery tomorrow morning. Tough year for Wang. UPDATE – From Bryan Hoch: Chien-Ming Wang will have arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder capsule on Wednesday under the care of Dr. James Andrews and will miss the remainder of the 2009 season.The Yankees hurler had an MRI on Monday in Birmingham, Ala., and met with Andrews on Tuesday. Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that the team has no timeframe on how long Wang will need to recover. “We’ll probably know more after the surgery,” Girardi said.

Yanks Party like it’s 2008

I took a little nap tonight after work, waking up to turn on the Yankee game only to wonder whether I was still asleep, having a nightmare from the 2008 season.  Any of this sound familiar?: Jeter’s throwing error contributes to a run in the second. The Yankee right fielder shows little range, sliding and coming up short on a run scoring Crawford triple in the 3rd. A-Rod throwing error later in the inning plates another unearned run later in the inning. Matsui gets himself thrown out at second with some inexplicable baserunning. The Yankee first baseman drops a blooper Continue reading Yanks Party like it’s 2008