Bernazard fired

This simply HAD to happen:

The haved fired Tony Bernazard, the Post has learned. GM Omar Minaya will make that official this afternoon at a press conference.

Reached by phone, Bernazard did not want to comment on the situation. But a second source has now also confirmed his removal to [Joel Sherman].

My previous, recently posted thoughts on the the Mets mess can be read here.

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Yanks discussing Arroyo with the Reds

From Jeff Fletcher of AOL Fanhouse: The Yankees are in serious discussions with the Reds about acquiring Bronson Arroyo, although right now the deal may be hinging on how much of Arroyo’s remaining contract the Reds are willing to eat, major league sources told FanHouse on Monday. “It will get done,” one source said. I think this would be a terrible trade for the Yankees. Arroyo has been bad on the road and at home for the Reds. However, before condemning, let me try and understand the Yankees’ thinking for a moment. Over the past 3 seasons in particular, Arroyo Continue reading Yanks discussing Arroyo with the Reds

Discussion: In Appreciation Of Cashman

Brian Cashman has a reputation for being notoriously reticent when dealing with the media. He often sidesteps questions or bluntly gives a ”no comment” when asked about sensitive issues. While this may seem annoying to some, the alternative leads to the debacle we saw in Queens this afternoon. Omar Minaya’s loose lips made the Tony Bernazard situation worse, and may have cost him his own job. It is hard to imagine Brian Cashman committing a similar gaffe, and for that, I tip my cap to Brian. No matter what you think of his player procurement abilities, he always represents the Continue reading Discussion: In Appreciation Of Cashman

Heyman on Halladay and the Yankees

From Jon Heyman (SI): The Yankees believe their chances are practically nil after hearing from Toronto that it would take both Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes plus two more top prospects for Halladay. Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi wasn’t kidding when he told the Yankees up front it would take more from them and Boston than it would from other teams. To have any shot at all at Halladay, the Yankees have to hope things fall through with Phillies, then consider whether to dangle one or the other, Chamberlain or Hughes. For Halladay, they might part with one (though not both). Continue reading Heyman on Halladay and the Yankees

Derek Jeter For MVP

Yankee Captain, World Series MVP, ASG MVP, Rookie of the Year. Derek Jeter has had a much lauded career, and certainly has never been lacking recognition. However, for all of his illustrious accomplishments and accolades, there is one award that he has yet to nab: American league MVP. He was close in 1998 and 1999, and had the award stolen from him by Justin Mourneau in 2006. However, 2009 may finally be his year, assuming that he maintains his stellar performance. Let us take a closer look at the numbers that support his case. BA: .321 (5th in AL) OBP: Continue reading Derek Jeter For MVP

IIATMS Tryout #3: Brendan Gawlowski

Up next in the IIATMS interview schedule is Brendan Gawlowski. Brendan, like the others, is looking to fill the Stats/Analysis guru role. As with the others, please use the comments to critique, laud, extol, glorify, mock, shame. Or something.

(He also has a good sense of timing as his subject’s name is bound to come up over the next few days, too.)

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Selig considering reinstating Rose

Commish Selig is again considering reinstating Pete Rose. Normally, this would be a yawner to me, but given that the man that gives Selig the grade-school-giggles, Hank Aaron, also thinks Rose should be in the HOF, I am thinking this has a good shot of happening.

The tip-off that Selig may now be inclined to pardon baseball’s all-time hit king was Hank Aaron’s seemingly impromptu interview session with a small group of reporters in the lobby of the Otesaga Hotel on Saturday. In declaring for the first time that he would want an asterisk put on the achievements of any steroid cheats elected to the Hall of Fame, Aaron brought up Rose, who, in August of 1989, was given a lifetime ban for gambling on baseball, saying: “I would like to see Pete in. He belongs there.”

For years, I have thought Rose should never be allowed in. Over the last few years, I have begun to separate the crime from the player/manager. Rose did the crime as a manager. His career as a player deserves to be elected. His plaque can contain a phrase to the effect: “Rose was suspended from baseball due to gambling activities in August 1989.”

Pretend you’re the Commish: Reinstate Rose or not. What are you gonna do?

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