Joba plan tweaked again

From PA (LoHud):

Joba Chamberlain will be in the rotation moving forward, meaning he will pitch every five games. They decided he needed to pitch more regularly. The innings limit hasn’t changed. Some starts will be less than five innings.

So, if Abraham’s report is correct, Joba will remain on a regular schedule and will not be given extra rest (he’s already on track to start Sunday on regular rest). I wonder if this is due to his awful outing against the Rangers which came on 8 days of rest? Shorter outings mean a lot of extra work for the Yankee bullpen in the final month of the season. I understand the need to get Joba ready for both October and the future, however, I hope it doesn’t come at the expense of the relief corps.

10 thoughts on “Joba plan tweaked again

  1. Personally, I agree with this approach. Easy to say this now, but I thought it was stupid to alternate the days between starts. I don’t see how you can expect someone to get into a rhythm like that (especially a young pitcher looking for consistency) and, of course, he was pitching his best baseball when they started this new schedule and look what happened. If they wanted to limit his innings, I thought they should have just put him in the bullpen or kept him on his regular schedule, so glad to see they chose one of those options and hopefully he can get right before the playoffs (assuming they get in, don’t want to count my chickens just yet…).

    • He definitely had trouble finding a rhythm. I think the Yankees handled the plan terribly, overall. Every other day it seems like they changed his schedule. One minute, they were starting him on 5 days rest, the other, it’s 8 days rest. It made no sense and seemed like they were just tweaking as they go. There never seemed like there was a set plan or a cohesive strategy to limit his innings. This works well, though given Steve’s comment about call-ups.

  2. well they can just bring up a bunch of peeps off the 40 man just to back up joba. if joba needs to go on a rest, september is a good month for it to happen

  3. I kind of don’t like the idea that some of his outing will be less than 5 innings I mean this is basically just turning him into a long man who starts the game, and really only opens Joba up to more criticism than he was already going to moving forward… He look slike he can handle it I just hope he can.

    • I understand why they’re doing, but I do agree, it is sort of a sloppy way to wind down his season. Perhaps this is why we haven’t seen Phil Hughes much, lately (the guys at RAB pointed it out earlier today). He could end up shadowing Joba.

      • I’m not sure he would be the one shadowing Joba, I just think Girardi is dead set against bringing in Hughes if the team doesn’t have a save type lead going into the 7th or 8th and when the team is losing Hughes is almost an untouchable. HE has a different type of Hughes rules to limit his innings coming out of the pen. Aceves or Gaudin seem most likely to follow Chamberlain and Ace hasn’t pitched well lately so that could be one way of getting him on track pitching him every few days guaranteed.

  4. Chris in the grand scheme of things, it would seem to me that Girardi is going to go with a three man rotation, CC, AJ and Andy, at least in the first round of the playoffs…interesting to see if Joba is going to be used in 6-7th, Hughes in 8th? or vice versa???

    What’s your take?

    • IT will be 3 man in the first round but if we advance you will see Joba be the 4th starter so he should pick up between 2 or 3 starts depending on how far we go in the playoffs, I a not sure because of that if you want to use Joba in the pen in the first round just to have to stretch him somehow for the next round.

  5. Don’t forget Claggett from AAA, he will be coming up in Sept., also we have Robertson etc. There will be many arms to pick from.
    Joba will not go to the BP for the play-offs or any-other time. Unless something happens to Mo or Phil, they are going to need 4 starters for part of the play-offs or WS.