Betances to get TJ

Dellin Betances, the Yankees’ towering righty pitching prospect, will undergo Tommy John surgery, Mike Ashmore reports.  Betances, who has been sidelined with a number of elbow injuries in the past few seasons, will finally get things repaired.  This is another blow to the Yankees’ system, though I think surgery was inevitable for Betances given how frequently he has been injured, and mostly with elbow problems.  Hopefully he can get everything fixed and with rest and rehab, be ready to pick up where he left off in 2011.  We have seen what he can do when he is healthy and mechanically sound.

Betances is the 3rd Yankee pitching prospect to get TJ this season, along with George Kontos and Brett Marshall.  In the last few years, Yankee pitching prospects must lead the world in TJ surgeries, with 3 this year, plus Andrew Brackman, JB Cox, and Chris Garcia in the last few years.

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15 thoughts on “Betances to get TJ

  1. Very disappointing news! I was hoping to see him not go through something like this and especially after Brackman has had his struggles since coming back.

  2. The Joba rules are terrible by the way! 3 innings, 1 K and 2 ER and he never got above 91 more than once.

  3. The Joba rules are a complete disaster. I think that we have completely screwed this guy up. I am not sure that there is a Yankee brain trust when it comes to pitching or any brains at all.

  4. Back to the point of the post — Betances and the large number of Yankee prospects who have TJ or other elbow surgeries. There are more than listed here; if memory serves, add Humberto Sanchez, Lance Pendleton, Mark Melancon, and Jason Stephens. Are elbow surgeries more frequent for the Yankees than for other organizations?

    One might raise a question, then, about the Yankee scouting process. The team has intentionally drafted some pitchers with elbow issues who faced the likelihood of TJ surgery, including Melancon and Brackman. Possibly the organization has too much confidence in the ability of players to rebound from the surgery. Too, either because of scouting or policy within the organization, the team may not be attending closely enough to the pitching mechanics of prospects that point to elbow problems down the road. The pattern suggests that the team should review its approach from scouting thru development to see whether best practices are being followed.

    Of course, this could also be something of a statistical freak, much as the run of injuries the Mets experienced this year was far from the norm.

  5. I don’t think its something that the Yanks ignore. From what Marshall siad he knew when his tear happened. It was when he accidentally dropped his arm slot. Freak things happen