Hairston A Great Addition

From the NY Times:

Jerry Hairston Jr. started in center field for the Yankees, switched to right field in the eighth inning and finished the game at shortstop. Hairston doubled in the first two runs of the game, and continued to be as versatile as any Yankee.

When Nick Swisher was asked where Hairston’s versatility ranked among other players, he said: “On a scale from 1 to 100, I’m thinking 100. It seems like the guy can do everything.”

Since the Yankees acquired Hairston from the Cincinnati Reds on July 31, he has batted .382 with two homers, nine runs batted in and six walks in the 11 games that he has started. Manager Joe Girardi said he would not hesitate to use Hairston at any infield or outfield position, and also called him an emergency catcher.

“It’s a real luxury,” Girardi said. “You feel that you can almost put him in seven different spots. There’s not a lot of guys that can do that.”

The addition of Hairston was a masterstroke by Brian Cashman, bringing in a veteran hitter who can field every position on the diamond other than catcher. It is a move that no one was clamoring for, nor was anything rumored as to the possibility of a deal for utility player. The GM just saw an opportunity to upgrade the club and gave up little to do so. Hairston is a great fit on a club loaded with older every day players, as he fills a role that typically requires two people to fully cover it. Hopefully Brian Cashman sees fit to bring Jerry back next season, as opposed to trying to build a bench from scratch once again. A one year deal at 2-3 million dollars should be enough to get it done.

0 thoughts on “Hairston A Great Addition

  1. this is a good example of how a little move around the edges can really improve a club and give flexibility to a manager, hairston is a valuable asset in the role he plays and by being able to play multiple positions well he gives the club more options with the pitching staff.

  2. I wouldn’t mind having both Jerry Hairston back and Eric Hinke back, they both have good personalities that fit the team chemistry, they both can play more than one position and they both seem to really fit well in New York. My only thought on Jerry not coming back is if Cashman and Girardi think Pena can do next year what Harriston is doing this year, and I am not so sure they wouldn’t be right.