Andy’s dominance continues against Texas

Last night, Andy Pettitte pitched a gem, giving up 2 ER over 7 IP. He struck out 7 and lowered his ERA to 4.18. Amazingly, Andy Pettitte has been the best pitcher in the AL since the All-Star break. His FIP of 2.32 is the lowest of any AL pitcher over the last...

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Game 126: Rangers 2, Yankees 9

Bronx Cheers:

Bruney: His line was not particularly bad, but that’s mainly because Pudge grounded into an inning ending double play. Bruney’s control was lacking. He gave up back-to-back singles and walked the bases loaded before Pudge got him out of trouble.

Cano’s baserunning: Cano had a good game at the plate and made some nifty plays that New York fans have come to expect. The one part of his game which appears to need some improvement is his base running. Today he got picked off and caught stealing.

Curtain Calls:

Pettitte: Andy put in a dandy performance, picking up his 11th win of the season and going seven innings strong. He only gave up five hits, two runs and three walks. New York needed a solid starting pitching performance and the veteran delivered.

Matsui/Cano: Both went 2-4 and scored a run.

Posada: Jorge’s three-run shot in the second was all the Yankees needed to win.…

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The Baltimore Orioles of Canada

Great win last night; let’s hope they can close the series out this afternoon. Additionally, we need the damn White Sox to get their acts together and grab a game away from Boston tonight, especially since (a) you know if the White Sox get swept they will end up taking at least one game from...

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A-Rod a victim of illegal search and seizure

From the AP:

An appeals court ruled Wednesday that federal agents were wrong to seize the infamous drug list and samples of 104 Major League Baseball players who allegedly tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003.In a 9-2 vote, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with three lower court judges who chastised investigators...

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Joba to start Sunday

Joba Chamberlain has 5 more starts left this season and his next start will come on Sunday against the White Sox (on regular rest). After that, I’m not sure what the plan will be, exactly, as Joe Girardi noted that Joba will still be given “extra rest” as the season winds down in...

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And once more, for good measure, because we still can't get over Nick Swisher bunting in the bottom of the 9th with no outs and the tying run on second

As always, TSJC of RAB commenting fame hits the nail on the head:

“Forget the fact that Swish doesn’t bunt with great alacrity for a second. Frank Francisco threw 23 pitches last night. 10 of them were balls.

Think about that for a second. Nick Swisher collects walks like they’re going out...

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Game 125: Rangers 10, Yankees 9

Bronx Cheers:
Joba: After starting the second half solidly, Joba has not looked good as of late. Last night, he struggled with closing out innings and only last four on the night. He gave up nine hits, seven earned runs and three walks.

Gaudin: Chad Gaudin did little to help the Yankees stay in the game when he relieved Joba in the fifth. He went 3.2 innings and gave up seven hits (four for extra bases) for three earned runs.

Swisher: Nick Swisher essentially ended the Yankees rally in the ninth with an ugly popped up bunt. He went 0-5 at the plate on the night.

Curtain Calls:
Posada: Posada went 2-4 at the plate, with three RBIs, a run and a homerun. I’m not going to lie, when he was able to get that RBI infield single in the ninth I thought for sure the Yankees were going to win.

Matsui: The DH also went 2-4 with two runs and three RBIs.…

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Last night, Joba Chamberlain was awful. Although he was given a 4-run lead in the first inning, he coughed it up by allowing 7 ER over 4 IP. In fact, I would argue that he delivered one of the more frustrating performances we’ve seen from Yankee pitchers this season (maybe it’s because I was...

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Cashman’s triumph

Here’s a post that was inevitable.

From Joel Sherman (NY Post):

Who knows how matters might have played out if the Yankees had actually made their trade for Santana after the 2007 season. But more and more, GM Brian Cashman’s restraint then is being paid off now. Cashman philosophically could not advocate giving up significant prospects...

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