The art of piss-poor managing

A four-run lead, even with 8 innings left to play, felt pretty good with Joba on the mound. It’s a shame that erratic Joba showed up, in a game that was very winnable. I gave up at 10-5 — as good as the Yankees have been at coming from behind this year, five runs seemed...

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Minors Recap, 8/25

Scranton blanked by Buffalo, 4-0

  • Ivan Nova took the loss despite pitching well, giving up a run on 6 hits and a walk in 7 innings, with 5 strikeouts.
  • Mark Melancon gave up 3 runs on 5 hits in 2 innings of work, with 2 strikeouts.  Not a typical outing for Mark, but he’ll rebound.
  • Kevin Russo, Austin...
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8/25-8/27 series preview vs. Texas


Team wOBA: .337. T-8th in MLB, T-6th in the AL.

The Rangers feature a good, but not great offensive team. Michael Young is mashing, leading all Ranger regulars with a .395 wOBA. Something really clicked for Young this season, as he’s on pace for career highs in home runs, slugging percentage, OPS, and wOBA. While he’s arguably the number one threat for Yankee pitchers, he’s far being the only run producer. Nelson Cruz has come out of nowhere to pop twenty-six home runs. He’s also a threat on the bases, having stolen seventeen times in twenty attempts. Ian Kinsler has slowed down since his torrid start, but he’s still been productive. He has as many homers as Cruz, and, like Cruz, is a threat on the bases. Josh Hamilton is in the midst of a down year, wOBAing (if that’s a word) of only .315. He’s battled some injuries and has looked totally lost at the plate lately; he has homered only twice since the Bombers visited Texas in late May.…

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When Is It Too Much?

A really interesting debate came up this morning when I wrote about our newest minor league catcher, J.R. Murphy, that I believe deserves its own thread. I wrote:

Do we have too many catchers in the system? The typical answer is “You can never have too many catchers.” While I agree to a point, there...

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Pondering Phil’s role

Dave Allen (FanGraphs) has a nice writeup on Phil Hughes’ transition from the rotation to the ‘pen. Here’s Allen’s final take on Hughes’ future:

Phil Hughes will be the Yankee’s 8th inning man for his year and the playoffs, but next year it will be interesting to see what they do. Using the FanGraphs WAR...

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Is Jose Molina CC’s personal catcher?

From Jon Heyman (SI):

It’s become obvious that Jose Molina is CC Sabathia‘s personal catcher, though no one’s admitted it yet. Sabathia, by the way, hit 98 on the gun Sunday night. He gets better as he goes, it seems. While he’s supposedly not having a great year, he leads the AL in wins with...

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Six more starts for Joba?

Well, I guess it’s 5 starts after today’s game against Texas.

From George King III (NY Post):

Joba Chamberlain isn’t wild about the innings limit on his right arm and how it has led to long stretches of inactivity in the second half. But he admits his arm is in very good shape.

“I feel great,” said...

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Yanks want Damon back

From Jon Heyman (SI):

The Yankees intend to try to bring back Johnny Damon, probably for about $6-8 million a year (that’ll be the first offer, anyway), and might be willing to give him a second year. Damon’s been saying in the papers all year that he wants to be back, which is quite a...

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Post-Signing Period Impressions: 2009 Draft

I never judge a draft class until we know which players have signed or not. The Yankees brought in some expected and some unexpected talent at the signing deadline this year, and now we can finally step back and take a look at what happened in the beginning of the June.

The Top Guys[image title=”rise_slade_heathcott1_300″ size=”full”...

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