Pirates claim Claggett

From MLBTR, we learn that the Pirates have claimed Anthony Claggett off waivers from the Yankees. Claggett was designated for assignment on the 14th in order to free up a roster spot on the 40-man for speedster Freddy Guzman. The Pirates already have Ross Ohlendorf, Daniel McCutchen, and Jeff Karstens pitching for them, so why not bring in another Yankee arm (or two, or three)?

34 thoughts on “Pirates claim Claggett

  1. Yankees needed to clear out these types (except Ohlendorf IMO)and make space for the young pitchers and not so young pitchers coming back from injury like Brackman, Horne, Christian Garcia and Humberto Sanchez.
    If Kennedy works out (a big if) as the 5th starter, kids like Ivan Nova, Zach MacAllister and the 4 older types I mentioned before need to be pitching in Triple A next season, well, maybe not Brackman right away, but he and Bleich need to advance to double A next season.
    There’s a lot of Latin young talent and the kids who signed this year, like Warren, Cotham, Brooks, Black, Stonebreaker, ETC. will move along quickly.
    No big loss here.

  2. The other Chris H: Do you see a spot open in the rotation for Kennedy? I don’t want him over Pettitte and with Hughes going back to the rotation I don’t see a spot open for Ian at least not to start the season, although I think he should start the year in the major just in the pen.I really worry about Brackman’s ability to move up through the system quickly, it just seems like something is always holding this kid back either injuries or lack of control, however he seemed to do better towards the end of the year in the pen but he needs to be able to start to pay dividends.

    Will Hughes be lights out as a starter? Does he even want to start? I see Pettitte back with a similar “play for pay” type contract unless he craps out in the playoffs.
    I don’t trust Kennedy but think they might give him the spot.
    I mentioned Brackman but my point was there are many, many pitching prospects in the organization that need to start moving up and clearing out these kids who are mid 20’s and haven’t made it yet would seem to be a reasonable approach.
    MAybe CLaggert develops for pitt, he has a good arm but he wasn’t doing it for the YANkees, I don’t think.

  3. The other Chris H: I also mean to add thsi question and now the edit button is gone so whatever…What is it about Ohlendorf you like? Did you like him as a Yankee starter or reliever? Because watching Ohlendorf I really saw nothing that impressed me or made me step back and take another look, to me he was just another struggling pitcher like countless others like him.

    Kid was pitching 200 plus innings before Yankees arbitrarily made him a reliever, pitching from the stretch.
    He’s big, throws a 95-96 MPH heater as a reliever but unlike Hughes and Joba’s heater, Ohlendorf’s has a lot of movement.
    I liked his breaking stuff, I like that he’s smart and graduated from Princeton and I like that you didn’t have to baby his arm like Joba and Hughes because he already threw big time innings before we acquired him.
    I think he could have given us big time innings as the 5th starter this season, a job he was pointed towards his entire career.
    JMO though.

  4. The other Chris H: Will Hughes be lights out? No I don’t believe he will even be that good as a starter because he is going to have to re learn to pitch with a mediocre straight fastball, at the current moment he is missing in the zone a lot but getting it past bats at 95 and 96 MPH but at 91 or 92 I think those pitches get hit and hard. Does he want to start, I can’t answer that question but I assume he does if he didn’t why take him out of the pen for next year?If Pettitte wants back (and I think he does) then yes he will be back and it’s a good thing because I am not ready to hand the 3rd starting spot over to anyone currently on the Yankees roster (minor league rosters) besides him.I don’t trust Kennedy at all and I really hope they don’t turn to him first out of triple A if someone needs to come in. I would hope for McAllister or Nova to be the first ones up.Yeah I get what you were talking about ad I don’t disagree I mean Hacker, Jackson, Ohlendorf, KArstens and Claggett were all just average pitchers who I don’t see as ever being any more that anyway, and in the AL East they will be below average.

    Agree 100% with everything in your post.I’m excited to see McAllister pitch.Maybe nova too but he seems to be a real in and outer.HArd to get a real handle on him.
    I hope Mike Dunn can replace Marte we could save 4 million + for elsewhere and i’m cautiously optimistic that Grant Duff is going to come out of nowhere as a reliever next season.They say he was lights out at the end of the season and throws 96-97 as a reliever.
    We deserve a break from a guy like him.COke came out of nowhere, Duff is righty but has a big arm.
    I like Wilkins DeLaRosa’s upside as a lefty fire baller also, though I think he ends up a reliever.

  5. The other Chris H: Well that is actually really well thought out and articulated and it almost makes me reconsider my thoughts on him… almost… I did like his arm but I remember him missing location plenty in the pen but my main problem with him was I never saw him as an AL East pitcher you know? He just always seemed like a guy who would struggle constantly having to face the Sox and the offenses necessary to compete in this division.

    That may be true but most 5th starters will struggle against top teams. I’d rather go with a relatively young player with a big arm and hope he develops than with a Mitre or even a 5’10 Chad Gaudin.

  6. Keep in mind that with Dunn and DeLaRosa both converted OF’ers the upside might stil be untapped.
    Additionally, Mariano won’t last forever and with the RF porch easily accessed, Lefty relievers will be even more important to keep the ball in the yard against LH hitters late in games.

  7. The other Chris H: Mitre I will give you but I think Gaudin has actually improved by leaps and bounds since coming to the Yankees and I am not counting him out as an OK cull pen piece going into next year, he may not have a lot of velocity but his slider and his change have really improved and he has proved he isn’t the same starter that pitched with the Padres.

    I SEE GAUDIN AS A LONG MAN NEXT YEAR along with Aceves, best case for Chad.

  8. The other Chris H: I fully expect the control to get better for Dunn but at the same time I also expect him to go through the growing pains of any young pitcher and because of that I would like to keep Marte around, but I see nothing but good down the road from Dunn.I think the Yankees also realize you can’t have enough lefties and we are certainly setting up to have at least a couple pan out from the group we have going… Coke, Dunn, De La Rosa and a few others… Speaking of a left handed pitcher what is up with Zach Kroenke? I thought after the year he has he would be one of the guys considered for a Sept call up… he didn’t get hurt and I not hear about it right?

    Kroenke is going to the Arizona instructional league.

  9. The other Chris H: Don’t look now Lefty but this is now the longest and most civil discussion we have ever had on here….

    I guess we agreed to leave the 6 shooters with the sheriff before we entered the saloon this time.LOL