Brandon Webb a free agent?

From Bob McManaman (Arizona Republic):

Right-hander Brandon Webb said if Diamondbacks executives are preparing to approach him about restructuring his $8.5 million contract option for 2010, they ought to save their breath.

He’s not interested.

Webb, who hasn’t pitched since Opening Day because of an injury to his pitching shoulder, said Tuesday that he is not willing to pitch for less or re-do his deal based on incentive clauses.

The Diamondbacks haven’t indicated their plans to Webb, the National League Cy Young winner in 2006 and the runner-up the past two seasons. But there has been speculation that they might ask him to restructure his pay because of his shoulder. He underwent arthroscopic surgery last month.

“No. I’m not interested in doing that,” Webb said. “If it comes down to that and they ask me to do something like that, I would have to – just for myself – see what else is out there and see if there’s something better.”

If the Diamondbacks don’t exercise the $8.5 million option on Webb, 30, they must pay him a $2 million buyout. He then would be free to test the open market this winter. He said he’d like to stay with the team, but if money becomes the issue, he knows he can get it elsewhere.

If sinker specialist Brandon Webb becomes available on the free agent market, then he would definitely garner interest from a number of teams. According to Buster Olney, the Yankees would be one of the many clubs willing to offer Webb a healthy one-year deal. He also lists the Red Sox, Dodgers, Angels, Cubs, and White Sox as other potential suitors.

Barring any setbacks, Webb is expected to be ready for spring training after completing a throwing program over the fall. The D-Backs have until 5 days after the World Series to either exercise Webb’s option or buy him out. We can only hope that they choose to buy him out—a dumb move when you consider the meager savings—so that the Yankees can actually consider him for a spot in their rotation.

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5 thoughts on “Brandon Webb a free agent?

  1. I don’t know the specifics of his condition but he would make a nice bookend for our other busted-shoulder sinker-ball pitcher to play with.

  2. He said he doesn’t want an incentive contract or any contract that paid based on performance and with his shoulder that is the only way I would sign him, you could give him a big contract and then he turn into Pavano and never actually pitch other wise.

    • I think the risk is worth the reward. If you offer him an $8.5 million deal and then offer him incentives on top of that, I think he’d actually take it. He was referring to an incentive laden deal that starts out lower than his option year. He has been one of the best pitchers in baseball over the past 5 years, so why not?

      • I guess if you feel the risk out ways the reward then you offer him the deal but what if he doesn’t want 8 million and he wants 12 million with no incentives and then never pitches for you like Pavano? Not to mention I think it comes down to either Webb/Harden/Sheets/ whoever you want Vs Chapman and if they sign Chapman that takes them out of all the other pitcher sweep stakes in the off season.