Reader mail: pre-game rituals edition

As IIATMS’s Southern California correspondent, I spent the last 3 days in Anaheim scouting them and appraising “our guys”. If you are really a fan of the Grand Old Game, you wouldn’t dare miss batting practice and, in the old days, fielding practice. I found it interesting to note that our guys havetwo coaches, one on either side of the batting cage during BP, alternatingly hitting fungoes to both sides of the infield.All the infielders who were not batting were participating, taking straight up grounders then on to 1st and then double plays from both sides.They also had formal infield drills that every high school player remembers prior to BP. In the kind of heat we have out here, especially this week, it would not be uncommon to shorten it or make it optional. Every one of our guys participated, led of course led by #2. The Angels (still California Angels to me) took their BP but never once fielding.

As a footnote, if I simply copied and pasted his email, I would have had to title this “ramblings of a madman”.

Dun dun DUNNNN

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