Red Sox Plan To Celebrate Clinching Playoff Berth At Stadium

From Roger Rubin:

The victory, combined with Texas’ loss to Oakland, reduces Boston’s magic number at 3 to clinch the wild card and their sixth playoff trip in seven years.

And don’t you think the Sox wouldn’t like to sew it up in their archrivals’ new home.

“Oh, we will…hopefully,” said Ortiz, who hit his 26th home run, with a laugh. “So we don’t have to get our clubhouse dirty.

“It would be great. You get that out of the way and give a welcome to the new Stadium, too.”
A small segment of the Boston clubhouse thinks a more muted celebration would be in order if the Sox clinched a postseason berth because the division title would remain undecided. “Just a toast” is how one insider put it. But that just wouldn’t seem right for the Red Sox, who are known for their carnival-like clinching parties.

And remember: the Sox and Rays were still in a race for the division title in 2008 when Boston clinched at least the wild card. They still had a full-on celebration with bubbly, beer and players wearing goggles.

“We’d have to,” Ortiz said. “We’ve got to roll like that. That’s how we do it.”

I have no problem with this, as it will just serve to illustrate that the Yankees have had the better year, and are therefore waiting to clinch the division prior to celebrating. However, shouldn’t the Red Sox feel a bit embarrassed, celebrating their status as #2 on the home field of number #1? Of course, the Yankees and Rangers could render this whole discussion moot by taking at least 2 out of 3 in their respective series. Whatever happens, it should make for an interesting weekend.

0 thoughts on “Red Sox Plan To Celebrate Clinching Playoff Berth At Stadium

  1. Yankees could sweep, but Sox could still clinch if Texas sucks it up. I’d like to see that. Celebrate getting swept.

  2. “We’ve got to roll like that. That’s how we do it.”

    Well that just shows where their priorities are, Yankees shook hands being the first team to clinch while the Red Sox are just trying to make the playoffs to celebrate, they look like a team this year who is releaved that the Rays didn’t do much because they would be at home other wise.

  3. Now they’ll get to dirty up their own clubhouse. Texas came back with an 11-run inning against the Rays and it looks like they’ll keep the magic number at 3 for the wildcard. :D