Chad Jennings to replace Peter Abraham

Peter Abraham, who is leaving the Journal News and the popular Lohud Yankees blog to jump to the Boston Globe, has finally anounced his replacement.  Say what you will about Pete-Abe’s  hatred of Alex Rodriguez and Patriot fandom, but the access and coverage he provided is unmatched.  Pete-Abe, whose departure will leave a large (perhaps even Pete-Abe sized) hole in the Yankee blogosphere, will be replaced by Chad Jennings of the Times-Tribune of Scranton.

Jennings, who has blogged about AAA Scranton for the past few seasons, is finally getting a much-deserved call to the bigs.  Chad will likely start writing during the playoffs, and judging by the quality of his Scranton blogging, I don’t expect any dropoff in coverage or reporting quality.  Congrats to Chad on the promotion, and keep up the great work.  He’s a terrific writer and reporter, and I imagine he will work as hard as Pete did to keep his readers informed.  Hopefully, the Scranton blogging beat will find a new writer to pick up where Chad left off.

8 thoughts on “Chad Jennings to replace Peter Abraham

  1. Chad is a great choice, and anyone that’s seen his Scranton blog knows he is very detailed. Don’t know if he has Pete’s sense of humor tho but thats not a big deal.

    Yankee fans have been lucky to have Pete, Chad and even Mike Ashmore who covers the Trenton beat. I’d like to see him get a bump up sometime, hes a extremely nice if you’ve ever had a chance to deal with him.

  2. Chad’s a good choice. He’s not as prolific as Pete, but maybe the new job will free up some time for him and he’ll step up his publishing rate.