The Kansas City Royals: Who even Robbie Cano can get a hit with RISP against

Robinson Cano has had a fantastic bounceback season after a putrid 2008. While I still find myself periodically tearing my hair out after way too many first-pitch swings, the approach seems to mostly be working for him — a career-high 25 home runs (one of which came last night via his second career grand slam) and a highly respectable .870 OPS. The Mario Mendoza-like BA with RISP is generally explained away by bad luck, which is partially true, although changing his approach to situational hitting could help improve on that number, since pitchers are clearly changing their approach to Cano with men on base.

In any event, Cano’s blast was the highlight of an 8-2 win over the Royals that felt like watching a spring training game. That a good number of fans bothered to sit through a two-hour rain delay to watch the Yankees’ scrubs take on a team slightly better than the Orioles is both impressive and a little disturbing.

Boston lost at home to the Blue Jays, which is hilarious and delays their postseason-clinching celebration by one more day, although given the way the Rangers have played in September the Sox may as well have busted the bubbly out a month ago.

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