More Mediocy: Peter Golenbock's MVP Ballot

This is from Golenbock’s Facebook page, which may explain all the horrific spelling errors. He does not actually have an MVP vote, but is representative of a large segment of the voting population. It is quite possibly the most perplexing ballot in the history of ballots. There is no unifying theory, and most importantly, no...

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Pearlman: Yankees Are Doomed

From noted Yankee-hater Jeff Pearlman:

OK, maybe doomed is too strong. But, once again, I don’t think Brian Cashman has built a team made for the playoffs. Mainly, the problem is pitching. Starting pitching. As the Atlanta Braves showed us throughout the 1990s, having a load of B+ starting pitchers is fantastic for 90-plus regular...

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Game 151: Yankees 2, Angels 5

Bronx Cheers:
Cano: Robbie went 0-4 and left four runners on base.

Bruney/Albaladejo: Each pitched an inning after the Yankees finally scored and immediately gave back the runs. It is hard to feel like you can build some momentum when your bullpen just gives it right back.

Swisher: Swish went 0-4 and left three runners on. He left two runners in scoring position in a game where the Yankees rarely had anyone in scoring position.

Curtain Calls:
Pettitte: The first inning wasn’t pretty, but Andy settled down nicely and put in a good outing. He went six innings, threw 91 pitches and said his shoulder felt fine, so Yankee fans can breath a sigh of relief. He gave up three runs on five hits, but retired 11 in a row after giving up two runs in the first.

A-Rod: Alex went 2-4 with a homerun.

Jeter: Also went 2-4. His batting average is up to .330 now.…

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Pettitte Feeling Good

(I could have gone with “Andy Feeling Dandy,” but then I would be forced to start writing for the NY Post).

From Marc Carig:

Loss to the Angels aside, the Yankees scored a major victory on Monday night when Andy Pettitte emerged from his start feeling good.
“Physically, everything was good,” the lefty said after pitching...

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Predicting free agent contracts, pt. 2

In the previous installment of this mini-series, I took a look at Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, and John Lackey. In this installment—with two more on the horizon—I now analyze the predictions offered by Jon Heyman, an unnamed GM and an anonymous scout, in relation to the following free agents: 1) Chone Figgins, 2) Bobby...

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Game 151: Recap

So last night I liveblogged an entire Yankee game for the first time since last May. Good times ensued, and several players even stopped by, including last night’s starter, Andy Pettitte. How Pettitte was able to toss a quality start while simultaneously commenting on a random Yankee website is beyond me, but still very...

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Series Preview 9/21-9/23


Team wOBA: .346. 3rd in MLB, 3rd in the AL.

The Angels lineup is one of the best in baseball. They can really do it all, and will present match-up problems with several switch hitters and no real ‘outs’ at the back end of the order (unless they insist on giving Gary Mathews at-bats.) They lead the majors in batting average, and at one point in August, every regular was hitting above .300. In addition to that, the Angels are second in all of baseball in steals. Chone Figgins leads the team with fourty-two, but they’re getting healthy contributions from Bobby Abreu (twenty-nine,) Torii Hunter (seventeen,) and Erick Aybar (fourteen.) LA can also play longball. Kendry Morales has done a fantastic job of replacing Mark Teixeira, and he leads the team with thirty homers. Torii Hunter and Juan Rivera also have more than twenty, with Mike Napoli and Vladimir Guerrero not far behind. Abreu and Figgins are tied for the team lead in OBP at .394.…

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