What is it with these guys?

*So I quickly searched for “domestic violence in sports” and this was the first entry, dated 1/11/07:

University studies have shown repeatedly that male athletes are at greater risk of violent behavior than non-athletes, that they are more likely to be aggressive with dating partners and more accepting of hostility toward women. One study found that male student athletes made up just 3.3 percent of the male population at the universities surveyed yet were accused of 19 percent of the sexual assaults on campus.

Maybe we can mitigate a collegiate study as college age men are probably less circumspect than post-college aged men, but that doesn’t exactly explain away Knoblauch’s stupidity.

This won’t be a dissertation on the subject as I am not an expert, but it troubles me nonetheless.… Click here to read the rest

Game 158: Royals @ Yankees

Here are the lineups, via PA:

YANKEES (101-56)
Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Swisher RF
Gardner CF
Molina C
Pena 2B

Pitching: RHP A.J. Burnett (12-9, 4.19).

ROYALS (64-93)
Maier LF
Betancourt SS
Butler 1B
Jacobs DH
Callaspo 2B
Teahen RF
Buck C
Gordon 3B
Anderson CF

Pitching: RHP Anthony Lerew (0-1, 3.86).

TIME/TV: 7:05, YES.

And here are a couple of quick pre-game notes:

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The Yankee Bowl?

From Stewart Mandel (SI):

NEW YORK — New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and the commissioners of the Big East and Big 12 will announce at a news conference Wednesday the formation of the Yankee Bowl, to be held at the new Yankee Stadium beginning with the 2010-11 postseason, according to sources with knowledge of the event.

The game, which will seek NCAA certification next spring, would reportedly pit the Big East’s fourth-place team against the Big 12’s No. 7 selection. Organizers plan to hold the first edition between Dec. 29, 2010 and Jan. 2, 2011.

With Hal Steinbrenner as the leading figure in the Yankees’ organization, it has become exceedingly clear that the new Yankee Stadium will be host to an assortment of non-baseball events, especially football games. It seems as though the Yankees intend on showcasing Yankee Stadium as a sports venue, rather than just a baseball park. I don’t really have any problems with that, as the old Stadium was also host to a number of non-baseball events.… Click here to read the rest

Knoblauch accused of beating and choking his wife

From ESPN:

HOUSTON — Former major leaguer Chuck Knoblauch was charged with assaulting his common-law wife.

A judge set Knoblauch’s bond at $10,000 after he appeared in court Tuesday. According to a criminal complaint, Knoblauch’s wife told police he hit her in the face and choked her at their Houston home Friday.

Knoblauch’s attorney did not immediately return a telephone call Tuesday.

Prosecutors contend Knoblauch had been drinking heavily Friday evening and taking Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Knoblauch’s wife was attempting to get a hold of Knoblauch’s car keys, prosecutors, said, when he allegedly attacked her, the Chronicle reported.

What an awful story. According to FOX 9 News, if convicted, Knoblauch faces 2-10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.… Click here to read the rest

Chad Jennings to replace Peter Abraham

Peter Abraham, who is leaving the Journal News and the popular Lohud Yankees blog to jump to the Boston Globe, has finally anounced his replacement.  Say what you will about Pete-Abe’s  hatred of Alex Rodriguez and Patriot fandom, but the access and coverage he provided is unmatched.  Pete-Abe, whose departure will leave a large (perhaps even Pete-Abe sized) hole in the Yankee blogosphere, will be replaced by Chad Jennings of the Times-Tribune of Scranton.

Jennings, who has blogged about AAA Scranton for the past few seasons, is finally getting a much-deserved call to the bigs.  Chad will likely start writing during the playoffs, and judging by the quality of his Scranton blogging, I don’t expect any dropoff in coverage or reporting quality.  Congrats to Chad on the promotion, and keep up the great work.  He’s a terrific writer and reporter, and I imagine he will work as hard as Pete did to keep his readers informed.  Hopefully, the Scranton blogging beat will find a new writer to pick up where Chad left off.… Click here to read the rest

Postseason Roster 2.0

The writers here at TYU have discussed the Yankees’ postseason roster at various points over the last few weeks, and I will take another stab at it here. The final prediction will come after the Yankees complete their final game of the regular season. I believe that the Yankees should carry 14 hitters and 11 pitchers.

14 Hitters
1B Mark Teixeira
2B Robinson Cano
SS Derek Jeter
3B Alex Rodriguez
C Jorge Posada
LF Johnny Damon
CF Melky Cabrera
RF Nick Swisher
DH Hideki Matsui
OF Brett Gardner
C Jose Molina

Those 11 are definitely going to be on the roster. If healthy, Jerry Hairston Jr. will make the club as well. That leaves 2 spots for Cervelli, Guzman, Hinske, and Pena. Hinske is the only power bat available off the bench, and is likely to make the team. There is no reason for the club to carry 3 catchers, leaving Cervelli out in the cold. Being that Guzman brings a plus plus skill to the table in the form of speed, and that Pena and Hairston seem redundant, I believe Guzman will nab the final spot.… Click here to read the rest

Game 157: Royals 2, Yankees 8

Bronx Cheers:
Miranda: Juan Miranda, playing first base, went 0-4 with two Ks and leaving three on base.

Hinske: Eric Hinske went 1-4 and left four on base, though he did pick up a RBI.

Curtain Calls:
Gaudin: Chad Gaudin made a good case for putting him on the postseason roster. He’s been looking consistent lately, and picked up the win on Monday. He went 6.2 innings giving up just four hits and two runs while walking two and striking out five.

Pena: The youngster got his first major league homerun and went 2-4, scoring twice and picking up two RBIs.

Posada: Jorge, in at cleanup, went 2-2 with a run scored. He also walked twice.

Cano: Robbie went 2-4, scoring twice and picking up four RBIs as he knocked a grand slam into the stands.

In the On Deck Circle:
AJ Burnett (12-9, 4.19) has put together a couple solid outings and hopes to continue that trend as the Yankees take on Anthony Lerew (0-1, 3.86) and Kansas City.… Click here to read the rest

Sizing up the Yankees' potential ALDS opponents

As we enter the last week of the 2009 season, there are only two undecided playoff spots: the winner of the AL Central, and the National League wild card. Despite being only 2 games behind the Rockies, a lot would have to go right for Atlanta this week, who have a 22% chance of making the playoffs as of Tuesday morning.

Far more pertinent to the Yankees is the race in the AL Central between the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins, separated by a mere two games with a four-game set between the teams starting this afternoon in Detroit. The Tigers have had sole possession of first place since May 16, despite not reaching 10 games over .500 until September 2. If you told me that a team could stay in first place for nearly four months while barely hovering over .500, I’d assume without a doubt that it was a National League squad. Such is life in the mediocre AL Central.… Click here to read the rest

Stat of the day: Cy Young edition

So what, you say? Greinke’s ERA in losses and no decisions is .02 higher than Sabathia’s total ERA of 3.21. In Greinke’s 16 wins (versus 19 for CC), he has an ERA of 1.00!

Sabathia has been everything the Yanks could have hoped. He’s at 19 wins (with a shot at 20), a nice ERA (3.21), nearly 200 K’s and nearly 230 IP. Except he’s not the Cy Young and I’m OK with that. Greinke deserves it.

Greinke’s stats

Sabathia’s stats

King Felix’s statsClick here to read the rest