Some dude ties some other dude by doing some stuff

If you haven’t heard by now, Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig for the all time hits record as a Yankee tonight.

Jeter started the night with a bunt single to end an 0-12 skid, and then the hits came after that: a ground ruled double that BJ Upton probably had a play one (not that...

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Best 4th Outfielder Ever

After his two home runs last night, Nick Swisher is now at .254/.378/.506, with 26 home runs and 4.31 pitches per plate appearance. He is having great at-bats, making consistently solid contact, and fielding his position adequately, with a UZR of 2.7 in the OF. The Swisher acquisition was a coup for Brian Cashman and...

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Game 140: Rays 2, Yankees 3

Bronx Cheers:
Jeter: Derek continued to struggle at the plate as he pursues Lou Gehrig’s all-time hit record. He went 0-4 and struck out three times. The last time one pitcher struck out Jeter three times in one game was Curt Schilling on April 19, 2004. There have been a couple times the last two days where I thought Jeter was going to get a hit, but he was unlucky. I doubt this slump goes much longer.

Hughes: Phil Hughes has seemed almost as automatic as Mariano since moving to the pen. Last night we saw that he is indeed human, as he gave up the tying run to Jason Bartlett.

Curtain Calls:

Swisher: The Yankee outfielder hit two homers, each giving the Yankees the lead. Not bad for a guy who hits all his homers on the road.

Gaudin: In six innings pitched, Chad gave up six hits for one earned run. He walked two and struck out six.…

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1998 redux?

So after 140 games this year, are the 2009 Yanks going to be like the 1998 Yanks, unrelentingly plowing through every opponent with a desperation to win, as they seemed to be last night?

After 140 games in 1998, the Yanks were an absurd 100-40, 19.5 games up. If this year’s Yanks team were playing in the same league as the 1998 Yanks, they’d have to settle for a wild card with what will likely be a 100+ win season. That’s how good the 1998 club was.

David Cone was 20-7, David Wells was 18-4, Andy Pettitte was 16-11, El Duque was 12-4 and even the fat toad Hideki Irabu was 13-9. Everyone delivered, including swing man Ramiro Mendoza who was 10-2, starting 14 games as El Duque only started 21.

Tino Martinez lead the team with 28 home runs; Bernie Williams was second with 26. Knoblauch and Jeter each stole 30+ bases. The team had 50 comeback wins, including 7 walk-offs.

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What To Watch For Over The Last 3 Weeks

With the Yankees having all but clinched the AL East, the results of the individual games become almost secondary to certain events and performances that take on a higher significance as the season closes and the playoffs approach. Here are a few things that might be interesting for a Yankees fan to watch for over...

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Law of Averages–and Pies–Strikes Again

Coming into today’s game Nick Swisher had hit 24 home runs–and hit all but three of them on the road.

Coming into today’s game, Phil Hughes had let to blow a lead in relief.

Coming into today’s game, Chad Gaudin had yet to exceed five innings pitched.

Metaphysical laws of averages don’t tend to like it when things...

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