Brandon Webb a free agent?

From Bob McManaman (Arizona Republic): Right-hander Brandon Webb said if Diamondbacks executives are preparing to approach him about restructuring his $8.5 million contract option for 2010, they ought to save their breath. He’s not interested. Webb, who hasn’t pitched since Opening Day because of an injury to his pitching shoulder, said Tuesday that he is not willing to pitch for less or re-do his deal based on incentive clauses. The Diamondbacks haven’t indicated their plans to Webb, the National League Cy Young winner in 2006 and the runner-up the past two seasons. But there has been speculation that they might Continue reading Brandon Webb a free agent?

Ltd edition+overpriced+ugly+box ? worth owning

Thanks to Darren Rovell via Twitter for this piece of “loveliness“. And by “loveliness“, I mean hideousness. Or monstrosity.

Just because you are 1) a big fan, 2) a movie director and 3) rich doesn’t mean you can’t create an absolute disaster of a hat. Stop messing with the elegant simplicity of the NYY cap. What’s next, Spike: names on the back of the jersey?

Not to mention, are you really going to spend $59.95 for a cap this atrocious, that comes in a box, and, if all goes well over the next MONTH, will be outdated before Thanksgiving? SIXTY DOLLARS!!!

But it comes in a box…wooooo. They’d have to pack Spike himself in a box for me to spend that much on any hat.

DUMB. And ugly.

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Idle musings on Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes

Has anyone else noticed that Clay Buchholz has quietly emerged as a quality, reliable starter for the Red Sox? In his last ten starts he’s only given up three earned runs more than once, with the shortest outing being a 4 2/3 effort in which he gave up 7 runs to the White Sox (the Sox obviously still won that game). The development of Jon Lester and Buchholz makes me hopeful that the Yankees can have the same thing with Joba Chamberlain and Phil Franchise in the years to come. Remember, it’s not like Lester and Buchholz came up and Continue reading Idle musings on Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes

Showing Patience With Joba

I noticed this little list in the comments section over at RAB, and thought it provided a solid illustration of why Yankees fans need to have patience with Joba Chamberlain: Minor League Innings: Neimann – 372.0 Wade Davis – 767.1 Shields – 554.1 Garza – 307.0 Price – 144.0 Kazmir – 251.2 Joba – 88.1 Hughes – 330.0 Lincecum – 62.2 (FREAK!) King Felix – 306.1 Doc – 638.0 Verlander – 118.2 CC – 246.2 Beckett – 216.1 Buchholz – 443.1 Lester – 483.2Greinke – 285.2 Wainwright – 793.0 Jurrjens – 502.2 Carpenter – 601.0 Haren – 474.2 Most of Continue reading Showing Patience With Joba

If you really want to know, go local

Was reading this brief-but-interesting piece about the shortcomings national baseball writers versus local writers and this jumped out at me:

If you really want to know the scoop on opposing teams, I’m not sure there are any shortcuts. You have to seek out the local writers — whether they’re newspaper beat writers or bloggers — with the best understanding of each franchise and stick with them.

YES! Huge props to Jon Weisman for acknowledging that the diehards who choose to put their thoughts and opinions out there for consumption, praise and ridicule –bloggers like me– who might be as good a source of information and insight as the national writers who have to cover all 30 teams from a much higher and diluted level.

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A kinder, softer Girardi

Does winning soften the edges or does softened edges help winning? Ya got me. Either way…

Girardi has emphasized communication, between himself and his players and especially among the players themselves. Last off-season, he and the bench coach Rob Thomson decided spring training was too long, and they thought of ways to break the monotony while fostering a sense of team.

I’m not sure if all of the extra-curricular stuff builds a chemistry, if chemistry really exists and means anything, and does chemistry follow winning.

Or, does being given a team with $200 million in payroll, including newest additions Sabathia, Burnett and Teixeira, help boost morale and chemistry? No matter what, this team is more of a team than I have seen in pinstripes in many years.

So what do you think about the “chicken and egg” nature of chemistry and winning?

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Great moments in back page art

Thanks to the Daily News for this gem.

In case you haven’t realized, the Yanks open a 3 game series at the Stadium today. The Sox are just 5 games behind in the loss column, 5.5 games overall. They are playing very well as the Yanks have seem to set themselves on cruise control early last week before winning 2 of 3 in Anaheim.

Having already clinched a spot in the postseason, the Yankees have an opportunity to lock up the AL East by knocking off the second-place Red Sox themselves instead of relying on other teams to help reduce their magic number.

We know that we can get the job done this weekend,” Mariano Rivera said. “It would be nice to do that at home.”

The Yankees have had Boston’s number in the second half in much the same way the Red Sox manhandled the Bombers before the All-Star break, when they started the season with eight straight wins over the Yanks.

Game on!

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Some thoughts on interleague play and the playoffs

I know this topic was flogged to death yesterday, but I thought I’d add a few comments. I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine yesterday, about how the regular season itself essentially used to function as the playoffs, with the two best teams in each league battling it out for the right to go to the World Series. And before 1969, there wasn’t even a championship series. It’s almost hard to imagine baseball as we know it now sending the teams with the two best records from the AL and NL straight to the WS. While I Continue reading Some thoughts on interleague play and the playoffs