First guessing Game 2's maneuvers

I get it that he wants to bench a slumping Swisher, but to use UTILITY MAN Jerry Hairston, Jr. instead of the VASTLY SUPERIOR defender/speedster Brett Gardner is flat out indefensible. Put Gardner in CF, where he’d be the best defensive OF on either team*, and slide Melky to RF. I’m cool with that. Give Swisher a break. No issue with that… but to put Hairston in…?

And to do it in the same game where you are benching Posada for no-stick Molina… wow, just wow.

If I hit the keyboard harder, does it make it any easier for you to understand how much I dislike these moves?

* UPDATE: Here’s the 2008 UZR Ratings on Gardner and Victorino( not showing 2009 UZR):

  • Gardner: 12.7
  • Victorino: 6.0

Here’s the data pulled from our OF/DH preview (also from, but 2009 data. Check out the Fielding Value columns):

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