Stunned silence

  • I can’t fault Girardi’s move to have Hughes start the 7th inning; it just didn’t work as Hughes was once again unable to do anything. Hughes walked the first two, who eventually came around to score.
  • Whowouldathunkit: Hughes remarkably ineffective and booed upon leaving; Marte effective and cheered upon leaving.
  • D-Rob, the hope Yanks fans had in the rebuilding of the bridge to Mo, failed.
  • Speaking of Mo, Girardi probably should have gone to Mo instead of D-Rob. I know Girardi wants to keep Mo fresh in case he needs him tomorrow, but that spot was custom-made for Mo.
  • Bruney, um no thanks. Can we recall Freddy Guzman?
  • That whole thing about the Yanks having the advantage in the BP…nevermind.
  • I can’t say enough good things about the job Cliff Lee did tonite. Utterly stunning. Roy who?
  • I know why Manuel left Lee out there (to get the shutout, being utterly dominant, etc.), but once the shutout is gone, pull him. Wouldn’t you want to conserve his arm, even just a bit, if you were going to run him out there in Game 4?
  • Talk about pressure for Burnett…
  • Here’s the directory for our position-by-position previews
  • For the Phillies’s take, please check out our friends at Crashburn Alley.

So what’s next for the Yanks? Pedro.

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