WS Game 2: Phillies @ Yankees

Lineups courtesy of Lohud:

Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Jerry Hairston RF
Melky Cabrera CF
Jose Molina C
Pitching: RHP A.J. Burnett (0-0, 4.42 ERA in postseason)
Jimmy Rollins SS
Shane Victorino CF
Chase Utley 2B
Ryan Howard 1B
Jayson Werth RF
Raul Ibanez LF
Matt Stairs DH
Pedro Feliz 3B
Carlos Ruiz C
Pitching: RHP Pedro Martinez (0-0, 0.00 ERA in postseason)

Yup. Jose Molina and Jerry Hairston. Cross your fingers, folks.

0 thoughts on “WS Game 2: Phillies @ Yankees

  1. Utterly embarrassing half inning to start the game! Jeter strikes out on an 88 MPH fastball, Damon on a 75 MPH change up and pops up Tex on a very hittable fastball… For god sakes the man is throwing 85-90 MPH fastballs, someone needs to get a solid hit somewhere, even foul, something hit hard!

  2. I think this postseason has tipped me more to the Matsui for DH side of the argument based on his at bats and not necessarily the results, Hideki just puts together more consistently solid at bats.

    • Well on that at bat the results speak for themselves… He is playing his way back on the team while Damon is playing himself out of town, I wonder if Matsui can play any LF at all next year, I would be kind of scared to risk it…

    • This is the Game that you stretch AJ out to the max, if he is still pitching well.

      There is only a sad tomorrow if the Yankees lose tonight.

      This is it–this is where he has to empty the tank to get the Yanks a win.

      • I’m not talking a pitch count perspective… You can’t just treat AJ like CC and let him keep pitching because you will send him out once to many times and he will blwo up on you and give up 5 runs… My question is when do you take out AJ to ensure he doesn’t blow the game?

  3. AJ has been wicked nasty all night but especially to Ryan Howard who just isn’t being given anything hittable but at the same time throwing strikes… This is a great start by Burnett and he finishes the 6th inning with a total of 97 pitches… Do you leave him in for the 7th or go to a shaky pen? My opinion I would stay with the hot (yet inconsistent) hand but have someone warming up in case he works into trouble.

    • I agree with all, Chris.

      I would try to minimize the # of outs that the setup crew is asked to get tonight to as close to zero as possible, as they are not the solid rock at the moment.

      Maybe after a Yanks win, the confidence of the pen will raise, and they’ll perform better next game.

      • It’s risky on both sides right now so it’s a tough tight rope for Girardi to walk! Looks like he chose the right decision in letting him stay out for the 7th though! 108 pitches to get through 7 innings, is he done or do you risk him starting the 8th to go 1.1 IP for Mariano?

    • Oh, I hope that they leave the poor man alone.
      All great hitters go thru stretches like this.

      He should have some money in the bank with even the toughest fans, so far this postseason.

      Arod is going to win a game later in this series.
      There—-you heard it here first.

    • Yes, I’d try to get one or two outs with AJ. Mo has been asked to do a lot extra lately, and it’s going to be a long series.

      After, the way he finished the 7th, he may complete the 8th!

      It would help if the Yanks got some insurance runs.

      This is AJ’s Moment!!

      • Mariano also pitched less innings this year than any of his previous 6 so he is ready and willing to get a few extra outs here and there!

        No way he finishes the 8th if the lead is 4 runs or less… Just to risky when you have Mariano who is the king of 1.1 IP saves!

        • Yeah OK.
          I just don’t want to see 2001, 2004, or 1997 Mo endings this yr., later this series.

          A lot depends on how AJ is telling Joe G. how he feels.

          • Well it’s 2 innings for Mariano! Yeah but 2001, 2004 and 97 were all heavy loads for Mo in the regular season, he didn’t even crack 70 innings this year he is more than comfortable and rested!

          • Girardi isn’t Torre and he may extend Mo’s career a year or two because he isn’t like Joe T…

            In 2001 Mo had 80.2 IP in the regular season
            In 2004 Mo had 78.2 IP in the regular season

            This year Mariano only pitched a total of 66.1 innings in the regular season!

    • After last night’s game and the last 3 or 4 games, is there anyone in the Yankees Universe who still has confidence in our setup crew?

      I think what is really going on here is that Girardi is really scared about being embarassed badly and critized in his first WS, and is playing his most safe, least controversial hand. And I don’t blame him one bit for doing this.

      I hope it works out–3 outs to go!

      • No! Hughes is scared out of his mind, Joba doesn’t trust any of his pitches (and he shouldn’t), Aceves has been down since before the all star break when eh started against the Twins, Robertson is really young and Bruney sucks!

        I don’t think it’s the “safe move” so much as the only move, it’s not about looking bad it’s about winning this game! Why risk Hughes screwing it up and why bring in someone over Hughes to show you have no faith in him, just bring in Mo for 2 and let the rest of the pen rest tonight! Even if it doesn’t work out it was still the right move, only other choice was go to Burnett in the 8th for 2 out and Mo for 1.1 IP.

        • Chris, My worry with over using Mo, is not with this game, but with how he performs in later games of this series.
          If he makes 2 innings, 39 pitch saves for the next 3 games,in addition to tonight, how will he perform, in any key game 6 or 7 save attempt? I’ve seen Mariano fail enough times thru the years to be allowed some worry–any fan should be. In a perfect world, I would have used Mo for 3 or 4 outs tonight.
          But it turned out alright tonight, let’s enjoy this moment and savor this much needed victory.

          • OK but if you don’t win this game then how Mo pefroms in the other games won’t matter because there won’t be many left!

            He won’t be making 2 out 39 pitch saves from here on out but this is what had to be done tonight and it was the right call!

            So you have seen him fail so many times in the postseason to the tune of a .71 ERA in the postseason? In 2001 they lost on a throwing error by Mo and in 04 he only gave up 1 run in the whole of those playoffs and it was a game ender to David Ortiz but it was just 1 run.

            Mo is almost a guarantee, he hasn’t pitched in what 5 or 6 days? We have an off day tomorrow and he has the least amount of pitches to his name at this point in the season in years calm down and stop worrying! To actually worry about Mo’s performance in game 7 is stupid because it’s only going to game 3.

  4. oldfan: I know. I just worry. Mo is not a unlimited resourse.

    Yeah well we are at the end of the season in the world series, he is at the age he may never see one again so he needs to do whatever he can and I think he knows it!

  5. Series tied! Mariano throws 39 pitches in a 2 inning save and the Yankees get to go to Philadelphia and Andy Pettitte with a 1-1 series tie!

    Andy should be able to beat Cole Hamels, let’s jope he notches hit 17th career post season win!

    • This was a real classic and a much needed win. New Series!
      I enjoyed “watching” it with you.

      Like that moment in Rocky, where Apollo Creed knows it’s going to go the distance, the Phillies now know it’s going to be a fight to the end.

      • We were suppose to sweep though so this is a bitter sweet win… With Burnett starting like this, had we scored at all against Lee we could be up 2-0.

        That’s kind of bad reference because we aren’t underdogs in this series and Rocky was…

  6. Arod is back trying to pull everything.That usually means strike outs and Pop ups.Antoher gag job.Wake up Arodsky.

      • Very realistically he could have been charged with an error on the Stairs hit that scored the Phillies run as well.

        I have a feeling he will turn it around in the next game, Hamels represents an opportunity for all the Yankee hitters to get some hits going because he can’t overpower you and he isn’t as veteran as Pedro so it should be a winnable game especially with Pettitte going on the hill.

        • Hamels can surprise you. That fastball can get up to 95. His changeup is the best pitch. I’m hoping the Yankees just lay off it and force him to go with the fastball. He can touch 95, but he won’t sit there regularly.

  7. That was AJ Burnett’s best start as a Yankee when you consider the line up that he faced and the stakes involved with the start being that the Yankees were down 1-0 in the world series!