Game 2 Notes log

Bottom 1st inning

  • The Who’s your Daddy? chants are awesome
  • Pedro resembling Eriq LaSalle from Coming To America : Let your soul glo!
  • Wonder if Pedro will add NYY HBP #18 to his list tonite. Most versus any team.
  • Pedro’s looking like he took a trip in the 1999 way-back machine.
  • The over the top camera angle is SO much better. Please use it more often, FOX.

Top 2nd inning

  • Howard is an intimidating dude. Seems he’s lost weight, too. Imagine the numbers he might be at, career-wise, if he wasn’t parked in the minors for a few years due to Thome.
  • Burnett seems to have excellent movement tonite. So far, so good.
  • Got Werth to roll over one. Step-son of former Yankee Dennis Werth.
  • First pitch strikes to first 6, in case you didn’t hear Fox tell you.
  • Commence Phil Cuzzi jokes 3…2…1…
  • Best one I saw: @aarongleeman Phil Cuzzi just called that a touchdown.
  • Matt Stairs, professional hitter.
  • ARod shoulda had that, obviously.
  • Damon spaghetti-arms it home.

Bottom 2nd inning

  • Nervous fans getting ready to boo ARod. Really, all we want is for him to succeed like we finally know he can.
  • ARod’s working the count nicely. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him square one up.
  • Nevermind.
  • Why do we care what the speed differentials are from release to plate?
  • Matsui breaks through, finally.
  • Enough of the Zimmer stuff already, will ya? Focus on THIS game!
  • can’t wait for the powerful bottom 3 of the lineup
  • Nice catch by Ibanez. Better OF than you think, or thought. Look at the UZR/Fielding values, will ya?
  • Hairston NEEDS to validate Girardi’s faith. Still think it was the wrong move, even if Hairston delivers.
  • Flare to right ends the inning.
  • Pedro looking pretty darn good, throwing junk. Like Eddie Harris from Major League…
  • Pitch count climbing. Not a concern yet. But how many in the chamber does Pedro have? Ask Grady.

Top 3rd inning

  • Missed the #9 batter; put son to bed. Call it WW , with a nod to Phil Rizzuto.
  • Wireless Internet access spotty, all of a sudden. None to pleased.
  • Rollins works a walk. He really is a heckuva player. Sniffing 2B?
  • Yep, sniffing. AJ nearly got him.
  • Aren’t these two supposed to be on the same page?
  • AJ gets so out of whack when a runner with speed is on base. Seems that this so often leads to bad innings.
  • AJ better refocus or this inning is gonna get big in a hurry.
  • Whew, a nubber back to AJ.
  • AJ’s elevating. NOT a good sign. He needs to be DOWN.
  • Twitter-land getting upset, impatient and angry
  • Wow, that’s a lucky move, walking Utley to get to Howard, only to strike him out. Ballsy.
  • That inning took 2 hours, seems.

Bottom 3rd inning

  • Whaddya know, a hard hit ball. Out, of course. But out of the infield.
  • Molina up. Just hang out over the plate and take a HBP for the team, will ya?
  • A walk to Molina. Where’s Freddy Guzman when you need him?
  • Jeter battles but strikes out
  • Damon flies out.
  • Pedro still cruising, somehow
  • I’m getting antsy

Top 4th inning

  • Leadoff single
  • Molina guns down Werth, with Teix making the tag behind him. Nice play
  • Burnett K’s Ibanez
  • One pitch pop-up to the OF by Stairs.
  • Quick inning

Bottom 4th inning

  • Lead-off rocket from Teix. Very nice.
  • Fans perking up
  • ARod rips it to LF, caught.
  • Yanks needed that HR. Everyone getting wayyy too nervous
  • Pedro walks Matsui.
  • The tide be turning?
  • Cano, nothing
  • Hairston called out, looking. How’s that move working out for you, Joe?

Top 5th inning

  • Quick out to start the 5th
  • Burnett settling in nicely
  • Tim is making my ears bleed. Is that normal?
  • Double for Ruiz.
  • Damon, if you’re going to have a spaghetti arm, at least have some darn range, will ya?
  • Burnett gets Double Ear Flaps to pop up.
  • Good AJ has been around for 5 innings.

Bottom 5th inning

  • Lotsa balls have been hit already. Could this be the break through inning?
  • Given the lineup, doubtful.
  • Melky down on K’s.
  • Molina = nothing
  • Jeter’s good. Overrated though. (rolls eyes)
  • First pitch, Damon pops out to Howard. Way to work that count, Johnny.
  • Wondering how many more pitches/innings Pedro has.

Top 6th inning

  • Big K of Howard, again.
  • AJ looking more and more in control
  • Let him pitch until he looks shaky
  • Fly out for Werth
  • Quick, easy inning
  • See what AJ can do when he doesn’t have to worry about pesky runners on first?
  • Question: at 97 pitches, bring him out to start the 7th? I say yes.

Bottom 6th inning

  • Teix is Pedro’s 7th K. Impressive total
  • Not sure what’s more distracting: Pedro’s soulglo or his doublechin or his lame facial hair
  • Another K for ARod. Not good times
  • YES! Matsui!!!! A golf shot HR. Almost bounced. Vlad-like

Top 7th inning

  • Still say bring out AJ. See if we can get a quick inning out of him.
  • Only issue is him on short rest next start, but that’s a distant secondary concern.
  • Wicked curve to K Ibanez
  • My lordy, AJ’s looking fantastic

Bottom 7th inning

  • Stunned to see Pedro still out there, actually
  • Mo’s warming for the Yanks. I still say let Burnett start the 8th.
  • Whaddya know, Hairston singles. Gardner in to pinch hit.
  • Wow, a hit and run, executed beautifully
  • This is why I was stunned to see Pedro.
  • Go get em, Grady (Twitterville explodes in kind)
  • Pedro’s smile was pretty interesting, heading into the dugout. Was it him simply enjoying the moment, even if he’s losing? Almost thanking the crowd? Or his way of not flipping off the fans?
  • Chan Ho looks like a young Kenny Rogers, the Gambler one.
  • YESSSSSS, Posada delivers! Too bad he wasn’t starting!
  • Got Melky? Nope.
  • Jeter strikes out trying to bunt. Terrible play, Jetes. Total agreement with McCarver. I will now set myself on fire.
  • Still can’t believe that Jeter tried a bunt w/2 strikes & no out. Forgot the count? Or was it “I’m DJ and I can do what I damn well please”
  • Damon hits a screamer to Howard, who short hops it, but it’s called a catch, then doubles Posada off. Terrible call.
  • That bunt attempt by Jeter will be discuss extensively if the Yanks lose this one. And even if they don’t. it’s so rare that we have to discuss a Jeter mental error.
  • UPDATE: Jeter admits his bunt attempt was a “stupid” decision. Yep, sure was.

Top 8th inning

  • Mo out to start the inning. I still think Burnett shoulda been out here to start the inning.
  • One out
  • Walk. Single. Utley up. Nervous, very nervous
  • That botched bottom of the 7th is making me itch
  • Need to strike out Utley here, 2-2 count. Runs it full. Not good
  • Howard looming.
  • SWEET DP. In Mo we trust.
  • Some might cry about it, but that was a “good, tough baseball play” watching Victorino attempting to take out/disrupt Jeter. No griping here. (pic on right)
  • Except Utley was safe. Turnabout fair play, suckas
  • No such thing as a makeup call?

Bottom 8th inning

  • Teix HBP
  • ARod K’s yet again. 6th K of the WS.
  • Matsui K.
  • Cano singles. Can we muster a 2 out rally?
  • Wait, Gardner’s up. Nevermind.
  • And we’re onto the 9th

Top 9th inning

  • Wondering if I will get the ridiculous emails from my Philly friends again if the Yanks hold on. [update: nope]
  • That’s one? Nope, foul. Yep, got him looking.
  • ARod and Howard, 0-8 combined, Howard has 4 K’s tonite. Golden Sombrero. So much for momentum in the LDS.
  • Soft liner to Cano. Two down.
  • Double to Ibanez
  • Professional Hitter, Matt Stairs, up.
  • K for the WIN!
  • In Mo we trust.
  • I have this feeling that the Yanks are going to have to suffer decades with terrible closers as pennance for having Mo this long, this good. And if so, I’m OK with it.

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