The Good AJ shows up

  • We saw a ridiculously good AJ Burnett, the kind that all Yanks fans hoped and dreamed would show up after last night‘s embarrassment. Seven innings, one ER, 9 strikeouts, just 2 walks.
  • We saw a very impressive Pedro Martinez, doing his best Eddie Harris imitation, throwing junk all over the place and being crazy effective with it… Six innings, 3 ER (a 4.50 ERA for those scoring at home)
  • We saw Teix and Matsui hit home runs.
  • Until Charlie Manuel went all Grady Little and let him start the 7th inning. My first note when seeing this: “Stunned to see Pedro still out there, actually
  • We saw the two hottest hitters from the LDS’s continue to struggle horribly, with Howard wearing the Golden Sombrero and ARod striking out 3 more times. These two are about as ice cold as you can get. ARod has six K’s in the first two games.
  • We saw the worst play Jeter has ever made in the post-season: Trying to bunt with runners on first and second, no outs, with two strikes. And striking out. Absurdly bad decision. It’s just so rare to see Jeter make a mental error.
  • We saw two more umpiring mistakes. Calling Frank Drebin! First was the short hop that Howard turned into a double play after Jeter’s brainlock. The very next inning, the Yanks get out of a threat with a double play, though Utley was clearly safe. Who said there’s no such thing as a make-up call. Remember too, just because the umps are experienced, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best. It just means their the oldest. [Spare me the conspiracy theories, will ya? The calls worked both ways. And they were both wrong.]
  • We saw Girardi resist the temptation to overmanage, for the most part. I wanted to stay with Burnett to start the 8th but the move worked. Doesn’t make it right, but it worked. Ditto the Molina/Hairston decisions. Of course, Posada pinch hit for Molina and delivered a key RBI. So there.
  • We saw the Yanks quote Led Zeppelin’s The Crunge and say “Has anyone seen the bridge?” because Girardi went from Burnett right to Mo. Who needs a bridge to Mo anyways?
  • We saw yet another example of what makes Mo Rivera simply the best ever. Two innings, no damage. Another multi-inning post-season save. Rivera now has 14 six-out postseason saves. All other closers combined have 11 saves like that since 1996. (Thanks to Rob Neyer/Jayson Stark for that factoid)

We’ll have a bunch more in the morning, but wanted to get these up and out.

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