Game Preview | ALCS Game 6 | Angels at Yankees, Sunday, October 25, 2009

As much as I wanted the Yankees to play last night, postponement was probably the right call, I thought to myself, as I trudged through Tribeca in the pouring rain to meet...

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Kikuchi staying in Japan

Rather than pursue a career in the MLB, Yusei Kikuchi has decided to stay in Japan. The Yankees, along with several other Major League organizations, were interested in the young lefty. However, he’ll be a part of the Japanese amateur draft which is scheduled for October 29th (he’s projected to be the first overall...

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International Bits: Hinske, Kikuchi

Here are two quick international items to chew on before the game.

  • Apparently, the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, a Japanese team (Pacific League), are interested in signing Eric Hinske this offseason. They like Hinske for his left-handed power against righties (enjoy New York while you still can, Eric) and reportedly tried to sign him...
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Nick Swisher = Streaky = Benched?

As a fan, streaky hitters are one of the most aggravating facets of baseball.  It seems inexplicable how a guy can carry a team one month and be an anchor the next.  Nick Swisher, right now, is an absolute anchor.  It’s come to the point where the Angels will walk every hitter before him to...

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Scioscia’s Stock Falls in ALCS

Mama told me there'd be days like these

. . in the Peanut Gallery that is the world of Sports journalism. Mike Vaccaro writes in today’s NY Post what many other pundits have been saying, that the ‘genius’ label for Angels manager Mike...

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