Pettitte will start Game 6

It is officially confirmed. Tomorrow, at Yankee Stadium, Andy Pettitte will start Game 6 on short-rest. In his career, Pettitte has started 14 games on 3 days of rest, winning only 4 of those starts (6 losses). During those 86 2/3 innings, which is a fairly “substantial” sample, Pettitte had a 4.15 ERA and a 1.43 WHIP. He held opponents to a .266/.345/.387 line, striking out 69 while walking 38.

Pettitte last started on 3 days of rest in 2006, when he was 35-years old. However, Ed Price (FanHouse) reminds us that Pettitte has not started on 3 days of rest after throwing 100 or more pitches since July 19, 2001, when he was 29. He gave up 7 ER over 4 innings in that start against Detroit. One wonders if any of these numbers actually mean anything, though, given the unpredictable nature of this particular situation (as compared to the others).

15 thoughts on “Pettitte will start Game 6

  1. His numbers on short rest in the playoffs (which he has done 5 times) are pretty good, he has a winning record and an ERA under 3 so maybe he just turns it up in the playoffs. let’s hope this is the case again!

    • T.Ochris- my man. Thanks so much for that fact as to his sub 3 era in the playoffs- relieved to have read that positive stat. I was nervous to have petitte start on short rest, and then when I read this article where i see he got shellaked by detroit of all teams for 7 runs in only 4 innings-made me much more nervous. I really do hope he turns it on in the playoffs on short rest and leaves it all out there, since this is his last start. Let’s win this dam thing already!

      • It’s actually a very good ERA in the 2.54 area but don’t hold me to that exact number, it’s his last start as you pointed out so maybe that will let him just give everything he has knowing that.

      • Ha, sorry if I scared you Eddie. I really don’t think the numbers even matter. It just seems like these short-rest starts are unpredictable. Look at A.J., for example. He had good numbers on short-rest yet was awful last night. So it goes…

        • I think it comes down more to how you feel mentally and how even tempered you stay more than physical exhaustion, for instance CC does well on short rest because he is mentally strong and always stays on a easy steady concentration level (and he is 7 foot 300 pounds) as where Burnett is a little more erratic and can get amped up to much by the situation he is in.

    • I could see another 6 IP 4 ER game from Pettitte but even then we should be able to put up 5 runs and win the game, just as long as Andy spreads out some of the runs it should be fine.

  2. I’m saying my Hail Mary’s that Pettitte just gets us 6 IP and under 5 ER! I know pettitte has good numbers and all but it’s baseball you never know what will happen and I hope that the line up is going to hit Mr.-“Who’s your daddy?” but the thing I am nervous about the bullpen, who is going to pitch the 7? Mo will obviously pitch the 8th and 9th. I was watching Mike Francesa and he said that Mo is the only sure thing down in the ‘pen, who is going to be the bridge there? I just hope Girardi makes the right decisions and the Bombers light up Pedro! Go Yankees!

      • On the Francesa show, he had Girardi on and he said that Marte and Joba will be used in those situations and maybe Robertson, but I don’t know I am still nervous about the bridge there to Mo, because one bad pitch can make this a 7 game affair and I certainly do not want that. Some of those Hail Mary’s will have to go to the bullpen to not blow up. We just need a good lead into the 8 and we are sipping some nice cold champagne!

        • One bad pitch at any point anywhere in this playoffs and we wouldn’t be in the World Series that logic just leads to worrying you can’t do anything about.

          I am perfectly fine with Marte pitching the whole 7th even against right handed batters, he has really started getting back into the groove after finally recovering from his injury and his fastball velocity is actually up and his slider is biting again. He could end up being a huge part of the clinching win and he could be a huge part of next season as well.

  3. Marte is one I am not worried about, it is more Hughes and Joba, a walk and a base hit (which they sometimes do) could put that lead or edge for us, in danger. But if we just get through them without much problem then we are golden!

    • I doubt you will see Hughes or Joba in any situation where there is a lead going into the 7th… You will see Marte, he has become a sutto setup man in the world series and I think Robertson will be the righty if needed.

      Obviously Hughes isn’t going out or he would have gone out instead of Joba in game 4 and I think game 4 closed the book on Joba as well so you may just see Marte and Robertson in big situations.

      • But if Pettitte only goes 5 IP then who would it be Aceves, Gaudin, I hope not, Aceves has not been good and Gaudin hasn’t pitched in basically a month! What if you have a close ball game and Pettitte has emtied the tank, who are you going to bring in, Aceves will blow it for sure, Gaudin probably forgot how to pitch because he hasnt in a month! That is also another thing I am worried about!

        • Your worrying about stupid stuff that you can’t know the answer to…

          Everyone stop with this Gaudin hasn’t pitched in a month stuff that only applies to starting, Chad pitched in the ALCS and pitched a perfect inning when he came so I have no problem with him pitching out of the pen.

          Aceves doesn’t suck, he has pitched 4.1 IP in the playoffs and given up 2 runs and both were in the ALCS… In fact Aceves has pitched 2 inning thus far in the World Series and he has given up 1 hit and 0 runs I would say that’s more than fine.

          If Andy goes 5 then Aceves pitches the 6th with no trouble and then you pitch Marte and Robertson in the 7th for Mo to go the 8th and 9th.