Pettitte will start Game 6

It is officially confirmed. Tomorrow, at Yankee Stadium, Andy Pettitte will start Game 6 on short-rest. In his career, Pettitte has started 14 games on 3 days of rest, winning only 4 of those starts (6 losses). During those 86 2/3 innings, which is a fairly “substantial” sample, Pettitte had a 4.15 ERA and a 1.43 WHIP. He held opponents to a .266/.345/.387 line, striking out 69 while walking 38.

Pettitte last started on 3 days of rest in 2006, when he was 35-years old. However, Ed Price (FanHouse) reminds us that Pettitte has not started on 3 days of rest after throwing 100 or more pitches since July 19, 2001, when he was 29. He gave up 7 ER over 4 innings in that start against Detroit. One wonders if any of these numbers actually mean anything, though, given the unpredictable nature of this particular situation (as compared to the others).

15 thoughts on “Pettitte will start Game 6

  1. His numbers on short rest in the playoffs (which he has done 5 times) are pretty good, he has a winning record and an ERA under 3 so maybe he just turns it up in the playoffs. let’s hope this is the case again!

  2. I’m saying my Hail Mary’s that Pettitte just gets us 6 IP and under 5 ER! I know pettitte has good numbers and all but it’s baseball you never know what will happen and I hope that the line up is going to hit Mr.-“Who’s your daddy?” but the thing I am nervous about the bullpen, who is going to pitch the 7? Mo will obviously pitch the 8th and 9th. I was watching Mike Francesa and he said that Mo is the only sure thing down in the ‘pen, who is going to be the bridge there? I just hope Girardi makes the right decisions and the Bombers light up Pedro! Go Yankees!

  3. Marte is one I am not worried about, it is more Hughes and Joba, a walk and a base hit (which they sometimes do) could put that lead or edge for us, in danger. But if we just get through them without much problem then we are golden!