World Series Game 5: Yankees 6, Phillies 8

In the top of the fifth, Eric Hinske pinch hit for David Robertson and worked a walk. Jeter singled to right, moving Hinske to third. Damon grounded out to first, scoring Hinske and making the score 6-2. The Phillies added some insurance runs in the seventh inning, as Phil Coke replaced Alfredo Aceves. Chase Utley homered for the second time in the game and Ibanez also sent a solo shot out to right putting the Yankees in an 8-2 hole.

The Bombers looked like they were about to make a miraculous comeback in the eighth inning. Damon singled and Teixeira doubled to left. Alex Rodriguez followed with a double, scoring Damon and Teix. Swisher grounded out, moving A-Rod to third and Cano hit a sac fly to center field, which was not particularly deep, but enough to get Alex to the plate, getting the Yankees within three runs. The top of the ninth looked like more of the same, as Jorge Posada started with a double and Hideki Matsui, pinch hitting for Phil Hughes, singled to put two on with no outs. Jeter then grounded into a double play, allowing Posada to score, but clearing the bases and giving the Yankees just one out to get two more runs. Damon singled, but Teixeira struck out swinging to end the game with the Phillies victorious, 8-6.

Bronx Cheers:
Burnett: AJ only went two innings, giving up six runs on four hits and four walks. It was a terrible outing that put the Yankees in a big hole early.

Coke: In .2 innings Phil Coke gave up two solo home runs. Granted, Chase Utley is apparently a home run machine, Coke did little to help keep the Yankees in the game.

Gardner: Playing for the injured Melky Cabrera, Brett Gardner reminded us why Melky will be missed. He went 0-4 with one strikeout.

Curtain Calls:
Damon: Johnny Damon is on a tear lately. He went 3-4 with a RBI, a walk and scoring two runs.

Hughes: Phil Hughes has struggled quite a bit during the playoffs, but last night he put together a decent outing. He went 1.1 innings and gave up only one hit and no runs.

Rodriguez: A-Rod went 2-4 with a run scored and three RBIs.

Game 5 Notes:

  • Chase Utley tied Reggie Jackson for most homers in a World Series.
  • Victorino’s hit by pitch seemed suspect. There was no doubt he got hit pretty hard on his hand, but he squared up to bunt and never moved out of the way. Of course, AJ Burnett’s horrible performance made this less of an issue.
  • The bottom third of the Yankees batting order last night (at the start of the game) was Gardner, Molina and Burnett. it’s hard enough going up against Cliff Lee, nevermind doing so without your best lineup.
  • A-Rod now holds the record for RBIs in the postseason by a Yankee with 18.

Game 5 Rants:
Burnett: It would be easy to complain that AJ shouldn’t have gone on short rest – and there may be truth to that. It was not necessary to pitch Burnett on short rest when the Yankees had a 3-1 lead in the World Series, however, it does not mean he would have turned in a good performance otherwise. On the other hand, Gaudin has barely made an appearance in the playoffs, so while he may have been well rested, would he have been prepared? Burnett, quite simply, did not perform. He has been inconsistent all season long and last night was a reminder of that.

Molina: The idea that Molina needs to catch AJ Burnett is just silly at this point. Burnett has pitched fine to Posada at times and horribly to Molina at others. With Cliff Lee on the mound and Melky injured, starting Molina made the bottom third of the lineup just laughable. Personally, I think Girardi starts Molina for some weird, almost superstitious, reason and not a rational reason.

Chase Utley: Why are the Yankees even giving this guy something to hit? He’s playing out of his mind this postseason and Ryan Howard, while still dangerous, has been awful.

Ninth Inning: When Matsui singled in the ninth, putting runners on first and third with no outs, it seemed like a good time to put Ramiro Pena in to run. This at least gives the Yankees a chance to avoid or break up a double play, which Jeter then hit into as the slow-footed Matsui was still feet from second. Even Tim McCarver thought they were going to put in Pena – which in all honesty makes me second guess my thinking here…

In the On Deck Circle:
The quest for 27 will return to the Bronx on Wednesday. Andy Pettitte will likely take the mound for the Yankees, pitching on short rest. He clinched a trip to the World Series in Game 6 of the ALCS, it would be fitting if he could clinch the World Series in this Game 6. Pedro Martinez will head back to the Yankee Stadium mound for the Phillies after a loss in Game 2. Martinez pitched a decent game, but picked up the loss after giving up three runs over six innings. There is sure to be plenty of drama at the new Yankee Stadium. First pitch is at 7:57pm.

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