The one about Damon and a long-term contract

The Yankees would surely worry, however, that the amount of games already has begun to chip away at Damon’s body and makes him more likely to break down in the near future.

I know what my eyes saw the last two years. Limping. Bad calves and hamstrings. Reduced SB; did you know he stole only 12 bases this year? World Series excluded.

Would I like to have Damon back? Yes. For anything more than 2 years? No. I’m not clamoring for Holliday (and less so for Bay), either. Maybe I’ve become a born-again defensive zealot.

If you’re going to overpay, overpay short term. Don’t overpay long term.

And for goodness sake, don’t keep burying your prospects behind older names, year after year, especially if some of them might actually have real talent. Looking at you, Austin Jackson.

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