Discussion: Who Would You Trade Montero For?

Jesus Montero has been labelled untouchable by Yankees fans, and he is probably as untouchable as a prospect can be. However, as we have noted on various occasions in this space, no prospect is truly untouchable, as there are almost certainly deals that I would put Montero into. So the task for today is to list the players that you would certainly trade Jesus for, ignoring the fact that the Yankees may be hard pressed to put together a package for many of them. Here is my list:

Evan Longoria
Justin Verlander
Zack Greinke
Joe Mauer
Felix Hernandez
Hanley Ramirez
Albert Pujols
Tim Lincecum
Matt Wieters
Jason Heyward

Who would be on your list? Disagree with any of my picks?

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    • Upton was a total whiff. I love McCann, and probably would make a deal, but I’m not so confident in his body type holding up behind the plate.

  1. I would probably take Jason Hewyard off of the list because he is also a prospect and shares the same untapped upside label that Montero has. I like the other names you have on the list and I absolutely agree with Justin Upton. I would add Grady Sizemore to the aforementioned names.

    • Heyward is considered a clearly better prospect, which is why I have him there, but it is close. If Montero could stick as catcher, he’d probably be better than Heyward.

  2. I would have to think that any player under 27ish who has already produced at the big league level would have to be a viable trade target. Of course you want to hold on to him if possible, but would you really say “no, I’d rather not have all-star xxx if you want Montero for him.” Especially if the trade target is also a catcher. After all- best case situation is Montero produces as a catcher in the MLB. But he has a worst case, which is 9 straight years of injuries and no production so if you can get a good player, I’d really consider it

    • Depends what you mean by produced, and how much team control of that player remains. Because the cost of the player is a factor.

    • Roy? No, I wouldn’t. He’s a 33 year old who will be a free agent soon. I’d wait it out.

  3. I would take off Greinke only for the reason that I think he would lose his mind playing in NY. He’s not cut out for superstardom in the big city.

    • I do realize this sounds crazy considering he’s the cy young winner, totally dominant, and still very young with a reasonable contract. But still I’ve seen enough quotes out of him to know he will not be happy here

      • Not crazy at all. Many have said that he actually is somewhere on the Asperger’s spectrum, but I’m not sure if that’s true. I know that there is strong speculation to that effect.

    • Completely agree. He already has suffered from social anxiety disorder — and playing for NY can mimic that disorder in nearly anyone.

  4. I’d drop:

    Justin Verlander
    Zack Greinke
    Albert Pujols

    Too late in their careers (meaning, they’re close to free agency and/or going to cost a ton of money).

    • Verlander is two years from free agency, Greinks is three years. Is that too close to consider? Hernandez is also only two years away, same as Verlander; why isn’t he too close? I think they’ll all be roughly equally expensive, maybe not so much Greinke because he’s actually already under contract and the costs are known.

      Pujols, yes – four to six years older than the others and VERY expensive. If money matters…

  5. With A-Rod at third already, what would be the sense in dealing for him, especially if Montero were included in the price?

  6. I´d trade for those any many more young stablished stars, since Montero is only a prospect yet.

    • Which many more? It needs to be young stars who are still going to be cheap for a while. Montero has middle of the order potential and is a top 5 prospect in baseball.

  7. Ryan Zimmerman (A-rod to DH), Hanley or Tulo (Jeter to LF), Sandoval (because he knows kung-fu) and Tommy Hanson

  8. So much of his value is tied to catching which we all read mixed reports of his ability to do long term. He’s a great prospect purely based on his bat, but a lot of his “untradeable” nature is due to him being a catcher. Not having a better feel for whether he’s a catcher long term and sticking to the younger but proven players, I’d be at least tempted to add:

    Adam Jones
    Nick Markasis
    Matt Kemp
    Jon Lester
    Adrian Gonzalez

    I think I’d roll the dice on Montero over Hayward and other prospects based on the higher upside if he stays at catcher.

  9. 1-Add Ryan Braun(Incredibly inexpensive contract through 2015)

    2-Would consider Clayton Kershaw

  10. I would go for (in order of need and…talent, somewhat):
    2)Felix Hernandz
    4)Linceum (NL-Big Park?)
    5)J. Upton
    6)Ramize (only this low B/C of need, now)
    Mauer could be on the list but, we have no NEED for him, good L/H hitter and ok Catcher, with not much power…also long legs and avg. arm.