Red Sox Hot For Halladay, and What It Means For The Yankees

From the Daily News:

A source told the Daily News that the Red Sox are “putting on a full-court press” to acquire Halladay, hoping to add the former Cy Young winner to the top of their rotation to go with Josh Beckett and Jon Lester.

“They would love to get it wrapped up before the Winter Meetings,” the source said of the Red Sox.

If the Red Sox make a serious push for Halladay, can it be very long before the Yankees get involved?

Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos seems willing to deal Halladay within the division, but it will take a big-time package from either the Yankees or Red Sox to land the ace righthander, who would probably require a long-term extension worth more than $100 million to waive his no-trade clause.

Boston would likely have to include Clay Buchholz, the organization’s top young pitcher, and Casey Kelly, the 20-year-old pitcher/shortstop who was drafted in 2008 and signed with the Red Sox instead of playing quarterback for Tennessee.

What should this mean for the Yankees? Almost nothing. I think that as Yankees fans, we need to realize that sometimes, the Red Sox are going to get their guy, and there is nothing constructive that the Yankees can do about it. The Yankees need to make moves that are in the short and long term best interests of their club independent of what the Red Sox do. The Sox threatening to get Halladay does not mean the Yankees should jump in and try to trump a Buchholz/Kelly offer with Montero and Chamberlain. If Brian Cashman feels that trading for Halladay is the right move because he feels Doc would provide more value than the prospects he would give up, then he should make a deal. But emptying your farm system and making a deal that is not in the best interests of the club just to block Boston would be silly. Luckily, Cashman’s actions during the Santana saga suggest that he has a firm grasp upon this concept.

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  1. I fully agree. As a practical matter, the Yankees cannot prevent the Red Sox from improving their club. If we spend heavily on Halladay, they can get Lackey and/or Sheets or wait for Hernandez; if we pursue Holliday, they can re-sign Bey and add other useful pieces. Blocking is occasionally sensible during the season, but as an off-season strategy you will quickly bankrupt your team and its farm system.

  2. yeah halladay would be a great fit with nyy but they dont have the need for him, boston does. is everyone forgetting ny just won the WORLD SERIES without him?! becket, lester, halladay would be tough but who else do they have? dice-k 50 year old wakefield? if you’re thinking for one minute about giving up great prospects/very likely good major league players like a-jax, hughes, joba, montero, or even z-mac use it on felix hernandez who is young and just entering his prime, not halladay who will command great prospects and big bucks! comments?

      • I would assume he would mean that since we have an ace (CC) and we are coming off of a WS win so our club doesn’t “need” Halladay he would just be a luxury for us but since the Sox didn’t win they “need him”… However since they have Lester and Beckett who matches Sabathia and Burnett very well I don’t agree with that… Neither team actually needs Roy Halladay and I don’t think either one improves themselves past 2-3 years in this deal.

        • nyy proved they could win the w.s. w/o doc right? remember the talk about getting him in july? how it would guarantee winning the w.s. well fyi they won the w.s. WITHOUT him!!! dont give up valuable pieces of your team and future for a guy that isnt absolutely nessasary. yes, it would be awesome to see him, cc, aj, and whoever else (hopefully andy too) but i dont feel they NEED him since they’ve got an ace in cc. boston would be a ton better with doc, but they’ve got bigger problems than their rotation. paplebum isnt as good as he’s given credit for, their lineup sucks against good young pitching, they need a ss and the list goes on for their NEEDS. nyy doesnt have those types of NEEDS. yes, upgrades could/would be nice like for potential starters or lf but they arent as daunting as bostons right? if you wanna think about giving up montero, think verlander or hernandez (young, good, nasty) not a 33 year old who COULD be a f.a. next year comments?

          • I agree jeremy pretty much everything you said hits the nail on the head… We don’t need an ace, if anything we would do best by making smaller 1 year deals with guys like Sheets or making smart trades for guys like Edwin Jackson… BEtter options are out there than trading for Halladay or signing Lackey.

  3. Have you lost your mind? Your going to let the best pitcher in the AL go to your rival when you can step in and get him yourself. Did I miss something here? when did we become Kansas City I dont care about winning it all in 2015 I want to win again next year and Halladay can get us there. Let Boston get their man you are out of your f ing mind.

    • Trade Jackson and others for Josh Johnson. Let Phil build on the 84 innings he pitched last year and have him spend this season in Scranton (maybe call him up for some spot starts or bull pen depth in Sept). Sign Andy to a 1 year deal.
      2010 Rotation: CC, Johnson, AJ, Andy, and Joba (Phil and Kennedy as plan Bs)
      2011 Rotation: CC, Johnson, AJ, Joba, and Phil. (Kennedy and McCalister)
      With that rotation, I don’t care if Boston gets Lackey and/or Halladay. The Yankee rotation will be better, younger and cheaper. That would even allow room for the Yanks to go after Holliday if they wanted.
      You can chase the same girl as the rest of the guys in the bar. I’m going home w/ all three of her friends.

    • Apparently I have lost my mind. So did Cashman when he didn’t ante up for Santana. You don’t make your plans based on blocking another club. You may want to win next year, but the job of the GM is to build a team that can win consistently now AND in the future. If he feels selling the farm to get Halladay is not smart, he shouldn’t do it just because Boston is involved. What if they trade for Halladay, and then find out the Red Sox are after Felix? Should they trade for Felix too?

      • I have never gotten the idea of blocking other clubs… Since when did that help anyone win a WS? Is the goal to make sure the Yankees win the world series next year or to prevent the Red Sox from doing it?

        Who cares if they get Halladay and then have to overpay him next year… Josh Beckett is a free agent next year as well so they have to ante up two huge contracts to two of their top 3 pitchers knowing that Lester needs a new contract after 2014.

        We still have a better team if we just make a few adjustments to our roster even if they do add Halladay because is restricts what else they can do… They have committed to V-Mart behind the plate a defensive liability and by trading for Halladay they take themselves out of any trade talks for a Adrian Gonzalez or another power 1B and they go into next season with the same old aging D they had last year only it will be yet another year older.

        Let them lock themselves into a bunch of immovable contracts for the next few years.

  4. I sincerely hope that Buchholz/Kelly is merely the starting point of discussions. If that’s all it’s going to cost the Red Sox, Chamberlain/Montero gets it done and that’s a bargain to add a pitcher of Halladay’s caliber.

    • I’m living in Boston, and the deal being talked about on WEEI today is Buchholz, Bard, Kelly, and another high upside type at the lower levels.

      • First of all, WTF are you doing living in Boston?! Get out of there as soon as possible! :-)

        That’s a more appropriate deal than just Clay/Casey. That’s an interesting offer and seems roughly in line with that Boston was reportedly offering Minnesota for Santana back in 2007/08 (Buchholz, Lester, Lowrie, Masterson).

        • I’m here for another year and a half, finishing law school. Gotta tell you, it was fun to be here when the Yanks won the World Series.

    • Montero/Chamberlain would be a bargain if you were adding the 27-32 year old Roy Halladay but you aren’t you are adding the 33-40 year old Roy Halladay and having to pay so to do so, it makes no sense to trade top level prospects for a 33 year old pitcher.

  5. The New Yanks: Trade Jackson and others for Josh Johnson.Let Phil build on the 84 innings he pitched last year and have him spend this season in Scranton (maybe call him up for some spot starts or bull pen depth in Sept).Sign Andy to a 1 year deal.
    2010 Rotation:CC, Johnson, AJ, Andy, and Joba(Phil and Kennedy as plan Bs)
    2011 Rotation:CC, Johnson, AJ, Joba, and Phil.(Kennedy and McCalister)
    With that rotation, I don’t care if Boston gets Lackey and/or Halladay.The Yankee rotation will be better, younger and cheaper.That would even allow room for the Yanks to go after Holliday if they wanted.
    You can chase the same girl as the rest of the guys in the bar.I’m going home w/ all three of her friends.  

    How do you think you get Josh Johnson for Austin Jackson? Who are you trading? You can’t just say Jackson and others when you don’t have enough pieces to get the job done…

    A.Jackson, A.Romine, McAllister, Robertson,….? That isn’t going to get the job done… In fact I doubt they would do a trade for less than Joba and Hughes+ or Montero+ they have no incentive to trade their ace starting pitcher for a CFer when they already have Cameron Maybin… Does no one remember Maybin? He is going to start in CF next year and projects to be as good as Jackson or better so why would they make a trade around a CFer?

    How would it allow you to get Holliday? Josh Johnson should probably be signed to an extension upon the trade so you can buy out his arbitration years and make sure he doesn’t hit the FA market after giving up prospects for him and in doing so you will be spending the Holliday money.

    You can try and hook up with the lesbian chick at the bar that will never happen I’m going to have some more drinks and make one of these others look better… (Ben Sheets).

    • I was thinking that Hughes and Jackson might get it done. I know that messes up the rotations I had, didn’t really think that one through. I just feel like there may be a chance to steal Johnson because it sounds (who knows) that contract negotiations have not been going well for Florida. I like the Sheets too. But if there is a chance to land Johnson and keep either Joba or Phil, I’d be all over it. But if he can’t be had for the right price, Sheets looks like a hot girl on crutches.

      • I like Johnson but it doesn’t worry you the Marlins were only willing to go 3 years> If they were just being cheap they could have been cheap with 4 year, to me that says they don’t believe in his health.

        Hughes, Jackson and probably 2 more prospects would possibly come close unless they follow the guidline of the Beckett trade in which case they would want Montero…

        I would also say any deal that has Hughes and Jackson in it better not include Romine because at that point you are giving up to many top position prospects.