Discussion: Outside The Box Offseason Ideas

On the face of it, the Yankees options for this offseason seem obvious. They have 3 of their own free agents that they may want to bring back. On the starting pitching front, John Lackey is the big fish while a handful of injury prone arms litter the remainder of the market. There are a handful of reliable relievers available, while Holliday, Bay, and Cameron represent the market on outfielders. On the trade front, Halladay is the big name while Felix Hernandez seems like a bit of a pipe dream.

However, nobody would have expected Nick Swisher to become a Yankee last offseason, as Brian Cashman stunned us all with that move. The question I pose today is: Do you have any outside the box ideas for the Yankees offseason? Any free agents that are not getting any buzz that you would like them to sign, or trades that you would target that others have not mentioned? The writers of The Yankee Universe will be chipping in at the start of next week with their own “outside the box” offseason ideas, but would love to hear yours today. Chime in, and do not be shy, nothing is too wacky for this post.

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  1. How about trading for some guys that are going to be non-tendered? Say, you suspect the D-Backs are going to non-tender Conor Jackson and the Yankees want to sign him afterwards but are unsure if they can sign him off the open market. Trade the D-Backs some fringe minor league guy like Eric Wordekemper and both teams are winners in the deal.

  2. How about looking at taking back Maglio as part of a Verlander deal? Kind of like the old Vernon Wells-as-a-part-of-a-Halladay-deal idea but not as crazy?

  3. How about taking a small risk on Rick Ankiel. At a minimum , he could provide some left handed pop off the bench More optimistically,he can play all three outfield positions, providing some competition in both center and right as well as getting some at- bats in left if the Yankees want to try some sort of platoon in lieu of Damon in 2010 . Ankeil regressed in 2009 but provided suberb power in the previous two years.Further, if Marte and Coke don’t do the job out of the pen… just kidding. I think Ankiel has a lot of good baseball in front of him and can envision him as a 2010 and beyond version of Oscar Gamble who was an important piece of the NYY during the 1970s and 1980s.

  4. If I were the Yankees, I’d sign Cameron to play center and Nick Johnson as my everyday DH. Resign Pettite and also see what it would take to get Justin Duchsherer. Offer Damon arbitration (Boras almost never accepts it) and if he comes back for a single year, awesome.

    My everyday lineup (assuming no Damon) would be either:

    Jeter SS
    Johnson DH
    Tex 1B
    A-Rod 3B
    Posada C
    Swisher RF
    Cano 2B
    Cameron CF
    Melky LF


    Jeter SS
    Johnson DH
    Tex 1B
    A-Rod 3B
    Posada C
    Swisher RF
    Cano 2B
    Cameron LF
    Gardner CF



    followed by an open competition of Hughes/Joba/IPK/Gaudin/Mitre/Aceves/Duchsherer/McAllister (it’s possible)/Nova for the final two spots. Play it like they play the bullpen, just option guys down who aren’t performing.

  5. It’s pretty much certain the Yanks will sign Pettitte.
    Would it be wacky if that was it?
    I mean, they have to add more OF’s & C’s but that could just be Nady, Molina and Chris Stewart.
    Personally, I’d be in favor of it. There are no great, big upgrade FA’s and there are no glaring needs. Where there is a weakness, youngsters are beginning to bubble up. I say let them play. Veteran C’s are always needed but I wouldn’t even bother with the OF. AJax, Curtis, Russo and Pena can compete for OF spots. Pitching will carry the team anyway.
    What would the payroll be then?

  6. If you want out of the box never going to happen ideas you could sign Bengie Molina to be the catcher for the Yankees for 2 years and have Posada be the everyday DH.

    Jeter, SS
    Cano, 2B
    Tex, 1B
    Arod, 3B
    Posada, DH
    Molina, C
    Swisher, RF
    Cameron, CF
    Melky, LF

    That’s pretty deep, Bengie hit 20 HRs (in 490 ABs) in San Fran so he could hit 20 in NY easy and he’s a defensive upgrade from Posada while still keeping Posada’s bat in the lineup. Plus with Posada and Cervelli you could give Molina enough days off not to be hurt like he was this year and use him at DH a few days and let Posada catch a few days and let Cervelli catch (the least) some.

  7. Chip: I think being a DH would help keep Johnson healthy but you’re right, he’s a huge health risk.That’s why he would also be cheap, making this a high-upside move.Cano hopefully turns into a middle of the order guy, I really hope he does.But in the second hole, Swisher gets on base more and strikes out more which leads to less double plays right before your big guns come up.You’re right, I’m not going on statistical proof, I’m going on upside.There’s no way I expect Johnson to put up a .300/.430/.530 guy but I do think he’s capable of it in Yankee Stadium.That’s why it’s a high-upside, low-downside move.  

    I watched Ken Griffey blow out a knee rounding the bases on a HR ball injuries can happen to everyone! He could get hit in the wrist with a ball or take a comebacker off the bat to the shin.

    So your argument for Swisher hitting 2nd is he strikeouts more? Are you listening to yourself? Why would you want to move a K threat up in the lineup when you could put a contact hitter in the 2 hole who can get on base more often than Damon did with more power!!

    Cano was born for the 2 hole and I have been waiting for years for him to get the chance and now it’s here! You can’t just say one day… The boy is 27 one day is now!

    Matsui would cost at max 10 million and that is at the extreme high side and I would expect him to make 7 million for 1 year more realistically, how is that not better than high risk low reward Johnson? At best Johnson hits 23 HRs… at worst Matsui hits 23 HRs… We know what Matsui can do I will stick with him over the question mark all the way around just because you don’t want Cano hitting 2nd.

  8. Also another reason for trading Edwin Jackson now is that he is free agent after this season (which means Joba and Hughes are out of the deal) and it will not cost a top draft pick to sign him after the season. If he does better next year than he did this year they won’t be able to re-sign him because someone will offer more money (Scott Boras client) and if he takes a step back they won’t re-sign him and they won’t get anything for him once he leaves so if they want something for him they have to deal him now while his value is worth 1 or 2 prospects.

    Granderson, E.Jackson
    A.Jackson, Kennedy, McAllister, Romine, Robertson, Nunez?Miranda?Russo?

    They are getting a top C prospect the number 27 ranked prospect in baseball, 2 MLB ready starters, a reliever with the abiltity to take over the spot left by Fernando Rodney and the choice of a 6th option from the lesser pile of prospects. I don’t know if they would do it but it would be a starting point in discussions.

  9. Miguel Cabrera. Lots of money and prospects but if we’re are going to relinquish those assets let’s make it for a monster bat who can be our everyday DH while also serving as back up 1B and 3B allowing Teixeira and A-Rod to rest every now and then. I like this idea A LOT better than trading for a 33 year old who is only going to play once every fifth day Halladay.