Fisted and fired, or something like that

Here’s some of Sandomir’s early thrashing of Caray:

Caray is still prone to bad play calls, descriptive exaggerations and factual errors. Every announcer makes mistakes, but Caray’s lips form a pattern of an announcer out of his element. The producer, Glenn Diamond; the director, Lonnie Dale; and the statistician are either failing him or he is spurning their advice and support.

No one in the production truck could rescue him from his 10th-inning classic faux pas during the Twins-Tigers tie breaker Tuesday night. Caray called the Twins’ Nick Punto’s sharply hit liner to left field this way: “Line drive. Base hit. Caught out there. The runner tags. Throw to the plate. On target. And in time! A double play.”

My follow-up comment way back when:

It’s gotta be hard work to consistently deliver the game action accurately, cleanly and without reusing the same descriptions and/or verbal tics. That’s what makes/made the Harwells, Scullys, Kalases, Allens, etc. so sublime. They use/used words to paint a picture for us without getting in the way of the game. Carey’s not doing that. His errors are so frequent, they are distracting from the game.

It’s too bad MLB awarded TBS the rights to these games. They are clearly overmatched and undermanned.

Here’s a screen grab from Twitter from during the MLB Post-Season. Can’t ya just feel the love?

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