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  • Commish Selig plans on stepping down after his contract expires after the 2012 season. Selig has done a lot of good things for the game, including the Wildcard, Revenue Sharing, Luxury Tax, MLBAM, MLB Network, instant replay, etc. He’s presided over some not-so-good things, including the Steroid Era, having the All-Star game count towards home field advantage, cancelling the 1994 World Series, collusion in the 80’s (he wasn’t commish at the time, but was instrumental in it), botched contraction ideas, and a general perception of dragging one’s feet with regards to the adoption of new technologies which could improve the game. That revenues for MLB have grown over four-fold during his tenure is good for the owners and players, but has helped price many of us, the fans, out of games, or as many games as we used to attend. Overall, I think history will look back favorably on Selig, but the stain of collusion, 1994 and PED’s will linger. He’s quite the case to study.
  • Roy Halladay would waive his NTC to accept a trade to the Yanks. Anyone surprised at this “news”? Me neither. Of course he would. How many other teams would have the wherewithall to make the trade AND sign him to a multi-year extension? Four? I agree, this is Santana II. I’d still go after Verlander, since we know Josh Johnson (or King Felix) won’t be traded this off-season. Sorry, I don’t think this will be a “bidding war” as some others believe. Again, just like Santana. There was no bidding war; the Mets won almost by default as the Sox and Yanks wouldn’t part with the bevy of prospects AND the nine-digit contract extension required to get the deal done.
  • Robbie Alomar and Barry Larkin headline the newcomers to the HOF ballot. I think Alomar should be elected and eventually, Larkin, too. I say this admittedly without doing the requisite research, however. Something about Larkin just sticks out. Alomar will be remembered for his Hirschbeck/spitting incident, but that shouldn’t keep him out of the HOF. Blyleven (62.7%) and Dawson (67%) are on the cusp. I think it’s now or never for these guys.
  • Tiger’s accident. Not baseball but way to sketchy for me to believe all of the “it was nothing” reports. And how come Tiger and Elin can stiff-arm the police? Yes, I, too, am skeptical.
  • Yanks might bring Kevin Towers on as an “advisor”. I am totally supportive of this role. Towers is a bright guy who knows how to build bullpens and is more than familar with the NL. I like this idea.
  • And lastly, good friend Shysterball makes the leap to full-time writer and former-attorney. Good for all of us.

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