Congratulations Yankee Fans!

The 2009 Yankees are one of my three favorite Yankee teams of all-time (woo-hoo!). I put this team right up there with the 1996 and 1998 teams as one of the most talented and most exciting I’ve ever seen. No one needs to defend those two late-’90s teams, but allow me a few hundred words to gush sentimentally about this 2009 team. It most certainly has a special place in my heart and I hope it has an equally important place in the hearts of Yankee fanatics everywhere. That they brought the team back to the Canyon of Heroes for Continue reading Congratulations Yankee Fans!

Mo's Toughest Postseason

Mariano Rivera has been through a lot of tough postseasons. His career stats over 133 innings are nothing short of amazing. Somehow, at his advanced age, Mo tied his single postseason record with 16 innings pitched. He set a career high in games pitched with 12. He came in to the 8th inning 8 times, and with men on base five times. Rivera picked up the slack for a young bullpen that proved especially shakey in October. Rivera’s velocity was dropping to the high 80s by the World Series. His control was a bit worse than usual, and he often Continue reading Mo's Toughest Postseason

World Series Game 6: Phillies 3, Yankees 7

The World Series returned to the Bronx Wednesday night – and so did the World Series title. Andy Pettitte faced off against Pedro Martinez in a classic matchup. Hideki Matsui gave the Yankee front office a lot to think about in the off season, as he clubbed six RBIs and led the Bombers to a 7-3 victory and their 27th World Series championship.

Pedro Martinez started the second by walking Alex Rodriguez. Hideki Matsui made the hurler throw eight pitches before drilling a two-run homer into the right field stands, giving the Yankees 2-0 early lead. In the top of the third, Carlos Ruiz sent a deep fly ball to center, bouncing awkwardly off the Dunkin Donuts sign and away from Brett Gardner for a triple. Jimmy Rollins followed with a sac fly to right and the score was 2-1. The Yankees widened their lead in the bottom of the inning. Derek Jeter singled to center, Johnny Damon walked and Mark Teixeira was hit by a pitch to load the bases. Rodriguez struck out looking but Godzilla delivered again, ripping a single to center that put the Yankees in front 4-1.

Jeter started the fifth with a ground rule double to left field. Hairston bunted him over to third and Teixeira drilled a single to center bringing Jeter home. Rodriguez walked and the Phillies called for J.A. Happ as Matsui came to the plate. Godzilla drove a double to right, just short of a second homer and the Yankee lead was 7-1.

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Feeling Happy For……..

I have some major posts lined up for the next few days, with month-by-month season recaps and a full postseason recap on tap, among other things. However, I did want to briefly run through the people I am most happy for now that the Yankees have won their 27th World Championship. I am happy for Alex Rodriguez, who took his reputation for failing in the clutch and shattered it with a barrage of clutch hits and epic home runs. I am happy for AJ Burnett, who will catch plenty of flak for Game 5, but turned this Series around with Continue reading Feeling Happy For……..

Yankees win 2009 World Series four games to two

What a year. 103 regular season wins. 11 postseason wins. And now a 27th World Championship. The New York Yankees beat the Philadelphia Phillies 7-3 in Game 6 to win the 2009 World Series four games to two, ending a nine-year title drought for New York. In an outing many seemed unnecessarily concerned over, Andy Pettitte pitched as well as anyone could have hoped on three days’ rest, tossing 5 2/3 innings of four-hit, three-run ball, with five walks and three strikeouts. In picking up the Game 6 victory, Pettitte nailed down every clinching win for the Yanks in 2009: Continue reading Yankees win 2009 World Series four games to two

27 Reflections

Sitting here watching Game 6 of the 2009 World Series wrap up in front of me and I’m wondering how I might best express my thoughts as the Yankees get closer to title #27. Here are 27 thoughts that are flooding my brain now:

  1. My oldest son was born Opening Day of 2000 and my little one was born in the Spring of 2003. They’re at the prime age to remember this title and this team. Guys like Jeter and Mo and Teix and CC will be like my Reggie and Gator and Goose and Thurman and like my Dad’s Mickey and Whitey and Hank and Billy. It’s a generational thing.
  2. It sure helps bury the still-all-too-bitter thoughts of 2004. Won’t ever get over that, but this helps.
  3. Pettitte might never be a Hall of Famer, but I’d go to battle with him any day of the week. His game tonite was emblematic of everything we’ve come to know about this guy. He might not have the best stuff out there, but he will fight to the very end, even on fumes. He clinched the AL East, ALDS, ALCS and the World Series with wins this year. Quite the grand slam.
  4. Jeter will be a Hall of Famer and while I know the “he’s overrated” crowd will always be there, there hasn’t been a winner and an ambassador like him in quite some time. Hate if you must, but respect his professionalism and his game. Jeter is our Mantle. Our living legend.
  5. Mariano Rivera is the single greatest post-season weapon in the game since, well, I don’t know. The post-season is littered with legends, but Mo’s longevity, consistency and excellence puts him atop any list. His quiet confidence, classy demeanor and assassin-like efficiency make him the perfect person who will last wear #42 on a daily basis, a fitting tribute.

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