Mo's Toughest Postseason

Mariano Rivera has been through a lot of tough postseasons. His career stats over 133 innings are nothing short of amazing.

Somehow, at his advanced age, Mo tied his single postseason record with 16 innings pitched. He set a career high in games pitched with 12. He came in to the 8th inning 8 times, and...

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World Series Game 6: Phillies 3, Yankees 7

With one out in the sixth, Pettitte walked Chase Utley. Ryan Howard, who had been abysmal throughout the World Series, connected with a homer that just got out in left field, making the score 7-3. After giving up a double to Raul Ibanez, Joba Chamberlain came in for Pettitte and got Pedro Feliz to ground out and end the inning. Joba left in the seventh with two outs and two on, but Damaso Marte continued to shock Yankee fans by striking out Chase Utley to end the inning. He struck out Howard to start the eighth and Mo entered to close out the last five outs of the game. After battling Shane Victorino through ten pitches in the bottom of the ninth, Victorino grounded out to Cano and the Yankees had their 27th World Series title!

Bronx Cheers:
Gardner: Brett went 0-4 with two strikeouts and one stranded base runner.

Cano: Robbie went 0-4, struck out twice and stranded three.…

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Feeling Happy For……..

I have some major posts lined up for the next few days, with month-by-month season recaps and a full postseason recap on tap, among other things. However, I did want to briefly run through the people I am most happy for now that the Yankees have won their 27th World Championship.

I am happy for Alex...

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27 Reflections

  • What can I say about ARod? I’ve long said that the reason why the fans booed him was because all we wanted was for him to be as good as we thought he could be. Yet, he made so many missteps that we lost count. He became a caricature of himself. The advice he was receiving was terrible. Then came this pre-season from Hell. The steroid admission and the awkward, conflicting stories. Then the hip surgery. How could anyone extricate themselves from that self-imposed pit is beyond my comprehension. Then he just…did. From his first at-bat (a HR) to his last in the regular season (a HR, one of two in the same inning for 7 RBI in that one inning), he kept his nose down and played the way he used to: with fun, with passion, on a mission. Of course, we, as fans, were ready for the “ARod chokes in the post season” onslaught. And then something strange happened: he hit like a madman.…

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