Johnson's agent: "I'd be shocked"

I traded a few emails with Josh Johnson’s agent, Matt Sosnick, over the weekend about the continued rumors and speculation about his client. Long story short:

“I would be shocked if [Josh Johnson] was traded before the season started,” said Sosnick via email

Yep, that’s about what I expected and in line with what Buster had to say on Sunday:

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That other New York team

Things have been, as expected, relatively quiet in Yankeeland the last few days, other than the completely unsurprising news that Roy Halladay would be open to a trade to the Yanks (Wow Roy, you’d be willing to accept a trade to the defending World Champions? Way to go out on a limb there). There have, however, been a handful of amusing stories about everyone’s favorite lovable losers, the crosstown New York Mets. Here’s a hilarious tale of bustling activity at the Yankee Store during the holiday shopping weekend and tumbleweeds at the Mets’; another about the Mets introducing supposed throwback Continue reading That other New York team

A high price to pay

Via MLBTR comes this piece from Jeremy Sandler of the National Post. In it, Sandler brings us a few tidbits regarding the Blue Jays’ asking price for their 32-year old ace, Roy Halladay. While most of what Sandler has to say isn’t at all surprising—for instance, stating that Toronto desires “young, salary-controlled players” in exchange for Halladay is like saying the sky is blue—one of his assertions is particularly notable in that it details what the Jays want from a trading partner, specifically. According to Sandler, “[t]he Jays want a major league-ready arm and bat, both young and affordable enough Continue reading A high price to pay

Discussion: Outside The Box Offseason Ideas

On the face of it, the Yankees options for this offseason seem obvious. They have 3 of their own free agents that they may want to bring back. On the starting pitching front, John Lackey is the big fish while a handful of injury prone arms litter the remainder of the market. There are a handful of reliable relievers available, while Holliday, Bay, and Cameron represent the market on outfielders. On the trade front, Halladay is the big name while Felix Hernandez seems like a bit of a pipe dream. However, nobody would have expected Nick Swisher to become a Continue reading Discussion: Outside The Box Offseason Ideas

Updated | Yankee playoff games I've been to

Right before the 2009 playoffs started I discussed the Yankee playoff games I’d attended. Given that this past October saw five more added to my ledger, I thought it’d be fun to update the original post. Year Game Opponent Starters Outcome 1995 ALDS 2 Seattle Pettitte v. Benes W, 7-5* 1996 ALDS 1 Texas Cone v. Burkett L, 6-2 1996 ALCS 1 Baltimore Pettitte v. Erickson W, 5-4* 1998 ALCS 2 Cleveland Cone v. Nagy L, 4-1* 2003 ALDS 2 Minnesota Pettitte v. Radke W, 4-1 2003 ALCS 2 Boston Pettitte v. Lowe W, 6-2 2003 ALCS 7 Boston Clemens Continue reading Updated | Yankee playoff games I've been to

Wishing Duchscherer well

In a posting yesterday, I discussed Justin Duchscherer and mentioned his battle with depression. Jerry Crasnick of ESPN has a very good article on Duke today and how he’s coping. I wish Duke well and hope he’s able to get back on the hill soon.

“I was in the airport and it was time to go and I froze,” Duchscherer says. “I couldn’t even get on the plane to do something I’ve loved my whole life. You go from excited and looking forward to being back with the guys and playing ball to sitting at your house saying, ‘What happened?’

“I guess the word that best describes it is ‘overwhelmed.’ I was so confused, I didn’t know if I should retire or if I even cared about baseball anymore. I didn’t know what was wrong.”
Get well soon.

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