Additional payroll means little, say smart people

For whatever it’s worth, the Yanks, despite the gargantuan spending in the 2008-09 off-season, actually lowered their payroll in 2009 versus 2008 (where were the cries for the salary cap after the Yanks missed the post-season in 2008?):

Median salary Total Payroll

*h/t to Pete Toms of Biz Of Baseball fame for the link

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And the whining has begun

Or, is the definition of “best pitcher” clouded in its definition much like the “most valuable” phrase is? Lincecum might be the best pitcher with the best “stuff”, but maybe Wainwright or Carpenter had the best year. Not saying this is the case, but perhaps that’s how voters voted. This is not black and white and for voters to raise such disdain for Law and Carroll for daring to think differently (and show their work: Law here, Carroll here) is amazingly hypocritical.

For eons, fans have been asking for transparency in voting, in all sports. We want those voting to care as much as we do, to look at things as closely as we do, to do the work requisite with such an honor of voting for a high profile award (or ranking, as the case might be). We rarely got it. With Carroll and Law, we did. I won’t skewer them for their decisions. I might disagree, but at least they provided the insight required to understanding their views, whether or not we choose to agree with them.…

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The Yankeeist Interview with Replacement Level Yankees Weblog's SG

For this latest edition of the Yankeeist Interview series, I am once again pleased to bring you a stalwart of the Yankee blogosphere, SG of Replacement Level Yankees Weblog.

I found RLYW...

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Chapman Sweepstakes between Boston and NY

According to Frankie Piliere (FanHouse), the Aroldis Chapman Sweepstakes is an expensive one. Therefore, most mid-market teams will bow out of the proceedings, leaving the Red Sox and Yankees to battle it out for Chapman’s prized left arm. The situation seems pretty simple to me if this is...

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Take a moment to admire Mariano Rivera

Everyone at my college agrees that Professor Hazeltine remains the institution’s best professor. During his prime, Professor Hazeltine was so popular and good at his job that he won the teaching award every year. In response, the school named...
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…before selling ONE ticket…

Manfred did tell us two variables, one important:

Manfred, however, indicated that Boras’s revenue sharing numbers were grossly out of whack and that the five largest recipients of revenue sharing are “25-35 percent” lower than the figure Boras referenced. Manfred also said there were only 10 teams with $200 million or more in revenues.

Given that the range comes (reportedly) from Manfred, we can now peg that the five largest recipients of revenue sharing are receiving between $50 and $60 million each year, before selling one, single ticket. So when the Marlins pare their roster to HALF of what they have received in revenue sharing –BEFORE SELLING ONE TICKET– and crying poor at the same time, we have a problem.

You can pound your chest for all of eternity, but until something is done about the low-end teams, nothing should be done about the high-end teams. Want to keep taxing the rich? Fine. Do it. They’ll pay, or not, their choice.…

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