Newman on Chapman, Bleich, and Others

Chad Jennings spoke to Mark Newman recently, and came through with a wealth of information. Here are some of the more interesting tidbits:

Aroldis Chapman is arguably the most intriguing free agent pitcher still on the market. He might be this winter’s most intriguing available player, period. “Who knows what the price tag is...

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Lining Up The Yankee Rotation

As it stands right now, the Yankees have a pretty damn good starting rotation. All three of CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Javier Vasquez could easily head the rotations of just about any team in baseball. While I think we’d all agree that Sabathia is the ace and leader of the staff, I think there...

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A New Year's resolution: To not have to talk about left field anymore

So far Brian Cashman has followed through on one-third of my dream offseason plan — the bringing Nick Johnson back component. At this point the Yankees apparently have no further...

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A New Site and A Legal Resolution

As you have probably noticed, The Yankee Universe is no more. will forward to for one month, and then this site will be the permanent and lasting home of this weblog, now called TYU: The Blog Formerly Known As The Yankee Universe. After several rounds of negotiations with Major League Baseball Advanced Media,...

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Cashman Trying To Make Yankees Younger

The Yankees have long been considered an older team, dependent on aging veterans to succeed. However, as NoMaas notes, Brian Cashman has been doing everything he can to change that culture:

“We have to get back to doing what made the Yankees so good for such a long period beginning in the ’90s,” said Cashman...

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Holliday Likely Off The Table

From Buster Olney:

Sources: The Cardinals’ offer to Holliday is believed to be over $100 million.

I am sorry, Chris, but it seems like your hope for a Holliday miracle will not be fulfilled. I never saw the Yankees getting involved on Holliday, but as the offseason proceeded, it looked like he might be had...

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