Silva: Is Joba Sidney Ponson?

Yes, seriously, Mike Silva asked that question:

If you compare both players in their first full season of just starting it looks like this:
Ponson: 4.71 ERA, 1.5 WHIP, 99 ERA+, and FIP of 5.39
Chamberlain: 4.75 ERA, 1.5 WHIP, 90 ERA+, and FIP of 4.82
To be fair Ponson never had Joba’s success in the minors, but he was also younger than Chamberlain when thrown into the rotation. From a build standpoint they are both around 6?1 and weigh 230 pounds. Big boys that probably could afford to get into better shape. I will leave the off the field troubles out of the comparison.

Well, that is the end of this conversation, as Joba is clearly no better than Ponson and therefore should certainly be included in a Roy Halladay deal. Of course, a look in the comments also found the following:

In his first full season starting, Greg Maddux had a 5.61 ERA in his first full season starting with a 4.50 FIP and a handful peripherals (K/9, K/BB, WHIP) that were worse than Chamberlain’s.

Well, that settles it. Ponson=Joba>Maddux. Or……….Mike Silva is warping information as he usually does to try and fit his point (I really hate coming off so harsh, but Silva has done this for a while now and does not get called out on it enough). You can find plenty of players who had similar first years to Chamberlain and conclude Player X>Joba. The key is to look past those meaningless comparisons and try to analyze whether the player has the underlying talent necessary to succeed. I believe Chamberlain does, and I fully respect those that believe he does not and should be traded. But meaningless comparisons to Sidney Ponson do nothing to further that conversation.

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  1. I love how everyone always leaves out how dominant Joba was as a starter before he walked off that mound in Texas with a tired shoulder. If his velocity never returns, he’s not going to be a great starter. If you think the velocity comes back, he will be a number 1 down the road. Its pretty much that simple.

  2. “(I really hate coming off so harsh, but Silva has done this for a while now and does not get called out on it enough)”

    I don’t think he gets called on it enough because people have just stopped reading. I mean, the man berated his own readers a week or so ago, for not buying into a rumor that he started. Silva is the typical “I know more than you because I know more than you” guy, and that kind of incredulity is not something on which I’d waste my time.

  3. I have no clue who Mike Silva is, which, from the sound of it, sounds like I’m better off.

    Whatever Chamberlain becomes or doesn’t become, the comparison is an awkward one — if only because I don’t believe Ponson ever had the pure stuff Chamberlain has. I may be wrong but I seem to recall Ponson being a guy that threw two-seamers and splitters in addition to four-seamers and sliders. Chamberlain, as we know, came up with FB/CB/SL/CH.

  4. I’ve always thought Joba has more talent in his chubby little finger than most pitchers do in their whole bodies, but I’d be lying if I said Joba’s weight (and therefore perceived lack of conditioning) isn’t a concern of mine. He did increase his innings this year but really looked to be laboring at times.
    And what the hell is up w/ him drinking Redbull during the games? What is he doing for the 5 days between starts that he needs a Redbull to get through 5 innings? Shouldn’t a professional athlete be using a sensible diet and regular exercise to maintain energy levels?
    While the comparison of Joba to Ponson is ridiculous now, anything is possible when you do or don’t put your mind to it. I hope Joba wants to be the best all the time and not just when the lights are on him.

  5. Well said – BTW, here are Roy Halladay’s numbers for 2000 when he was sent down to the minors.

    Wins 4
    Loses 7
    ERA 10.64
    Innings 67.2

    I guess Ponson=Joba>Maddux>Halladay

    No doubt – an amateur manner in which to assess Joba’s future.

  6. This is moronic. Firstly Joba is not 6’1 he’s 6’3. 2nd Joba was dominate for over a year and his 2nd half #’s are swaying his career #’s.

  7. I think the decision you make is 10 years of Joba better than 5 years of Halladay. I do not think Joba will ever be as good as Halladay is and thus I would include him in the deal if that were the deal breaker. I would probably include Romine over Monetro. In the end this si a real oppourtunity to get another ace. Also Halladay is not a pure power pitcher and is very durable. I have no doubt you will get 5 great years from Halladay.

  8. The dude throws 90mph as a starter. These 4 pitches we all heard so much about are nonexistant.

    Trade him while his value is high.

  9. Joba will have a long hard winter ahead of himself because, I don’t believe Cash/Joe are going to let him slide into spring training the way he did last year. I think they took him aside and put the law down…work out and get in shape for ST…that is the true comparison to Ponson.
    With a pitcher, if your legs are out of shape…you ain’t gonna cut it baby. He’ll be back in 2010, one doesn’t forget how to pitch in one year, one just thinks he is above the hard work needed to stay on top of your game. Getting there and staying there are two different things…he’ll learn!

  10. MJ: Meh…throwing 98 but never getting it in the strikezone seems worthless to me.Similarly, throwing 98 right down the middle seems equally worthless.If you can’t locate, all the velocity in the world makes no difference.  

    If you want a perfect example of this just look at how the Dodgers lost the final game to the Phillies… A Jonathan Broxton fastball at 101 MPH hit back up the middle for a game winning double.