Commish For A Day II: #3 Expand the DH to the NL

Make no mistake about it the DH issue is more about money than anything. Rather than paying for an extra starting bat owners prefer their pinch hitting specialist. A good PH will command a couple of million dollars a year. Hideki Matsui, arguably the best DH in baseball, just signed a $6 million dollars from Anaheim. If it were a better economy I could see him commanding double that amount. As always you need to follow the money trail. The ironic thing is saving a few million in DH salaries will put millions of pitcher dollars at risk a far more expensive proposition. Do I need to remind Mets fans about David Cone missing a large chunk of the 87? season after breaking his finger bunting? What about the Yankees missing the playoffs in 2008 largely due to Chien Ming Wang hurting himself running the bases? I could swallow injuries due to the wear of tear of hurling a baseball 100 plus times a start, but running the bases? Bunting? Totally unnecessary.

The National League is one of the few leagues left that does not incorporate the designated hitter. The purists like to point out that is how baseball was meant to be played. Batters and catchers did not wear helmets at one point, should we go back to that too? There is no reason why one game has two separate rules for each league. Does the NBA not use the 3 point shot in both the Eastern and Western Conference?

Pitching is hard enough in the modern game. Although the DH wouldn’t help alleviate that problem it will at least give hurlers the ability to focus on their craft explicitly during a nine inning game. Who knows, without the need to pinch hit perhaps we will see a few more complete games in the National League. If you’re worried about the pace of the game that plans to be addressed on Selig’s committee as well. For as much as high scoring and pitching changes slow the game down, the silliness of network television and mound conferences are equally, if not more, to blame.

it’s time to expand the DH, not kill it. Give us the game of baseball how it’s played everywhere, but in the National League. I say move forward, not back. Hopefully Selig’s committee feels the same way.

Thanks for the contribution, Mike!

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