Commish For A Day II: #4 Umpire Statistics

The best umpires statistically during the season will get to umpire in the playoffs. MLB will not pick the umpires based on who is perceived to be the best but who are actually the best. And like this year it will not be required to have a new umpire in the World Series that has never been in one before; it will simply be the best umpires statistically.

Now that is how to reward the best umpires but there will be umpires who are significantly worse than the rest in the league. The worst umpires should either be let go or sent down to the minors. The hard part is where the cutoff would be for the worst umpires. I believe the first season should be more of probationary season where the data can be collected and figure out what the average of correctly made calls are. This can then be used to determine which umpires are the worse. After every season any umpire who is so many percentage points away from the average should be reprimanded by the league. I have no idea what a good number would be because I don’t have the statistics but it should not be hard to find the outliers of the worst umpires in the league. Umpires from the minors will be called up the next season to take the vacant spots. It will be hard to collect this data in the minors so it would have to be based on who is perceived to be the best in the minors. The umpire would only last in the majors if they are good enough to stay in the majors.

Overall these statistics can be shown in the box score for every game and collected over the season just like player statistics. There will still be human error during every game but this will help decrease the amount of blown calls and after a few years we will have better umpires in the league. Most importantly this would not affect the length of games by adding instant replay calls to every close call during a game.

Thanks for again contributing, Thomas.

Our grievances with the umps in the postseason:

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