Gaudin As 5th Starter? Ridiculous.

From Ken Rosenthal:

A rival executive says that neither Phil Hughes nor Joba Chamberlain should be in the Yankees’ rotation next season.

Instead, the exec suggests that the Yankees keep both youngsters in their bullpen and make Chad Gaudin their fifth starter.

Not a crazy thought. But if the Yankees enact such a plan, they are far more likely to use Alfredo Aceves as their fifth starter, according to a source with knowledge of the team’s thinking.

The Yankees mostly have used Aceves as a reliever, but he was a starter in Mexico and at Class AA and AAA — and his ERA in five major- league starts is 3.42.

Aceves, 28, also has been an effective reliever, going 10-1 with a 3.18 ERA in 44 career relief appearances. But the Yankees could put together a powerhouse bullpen without him.

Hughes and Chamberlain would set up for Mariano Rivera. Damaso Marte would be the left-handed specialist. Gaudin, Sergio Mitre and David Robertson could fill the other spots.

Not a crazy thought?!? Has the entire world gone mad, to the point where a respected reporter can suggest that a club should put their two most talented young arms in the bullpen? Ridiculous. The fact that the person who came up with this idea is a rival executive suggests that there are some rather unintelligent people in positions of power in baseball. Advocating the wasting of two assets by putting them in middle relief is so silly and backwards as to constitute a fireable offense. If this is the state of “rival executives” in MLB, the Yankees and Red Sox are going to rule the American League for a long, long time.

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  1. I don’t find it crazy at all. A pen of Joba, Phil and Mo closing out 7 thru 9 sounds pretty good to me. Neither one has proven they can really start IMO.

    • Because they haven’t been at it all that long. That kind of thinking would have most prospects in the bullpen.

  2. Sure. Sounds reasonable. Then Sabathia will take care of the 6th, Burnett the 5th, Vazquez the 4th, Pettitte the 3rd and they can piece the first two innings together. You have to feel good about the Yanks’ chances and your chances in life knowing that there are people out there dumb enough to suggest this. The Hughes and Joba situation has really turned into quite the intelligence barometer. Honestly, as much as it infuriates to listen to such mental midgetry, it only benefits us and the Yanks.

  3. I think the authors of TYU need to deemphasize the use of “mediocy.” Reserve it for when the so called “experts” utter something tremendously and utterly ridiculous to the point that it defies common sense.

    Rather, it seems any time there is an OPINION that the authors disagree with, it comes down to the idiot journalists are wrong.

    • “I think that it would be really useful for the Yankees to keep Alex Rodriguez on the bench, so he can be deployed at the right moment in late games for the big at bat. These at bats are high leverage situations, so why would you chance that a lesser hitter come up to the plate?”

      That’s an opinion, and its not just one that I disagree with. Its an argument that can be as close to objectively wrong as a statement can be outside of actual math. The logic used to justify the argument of “Hey, send BOTH Hughes and Joba to the pen” is just as dumb, and deserves to be printed just as much as the statement I wrote above. Unfortunately, people are still working on that.

      We’re demanding more of the professionals paid to entertain and inform us.

      • Exactly. Most things written about baseball can hide behind the “it’s my opinion” excuse, but contrary to popular belief, an opinion can be stupid or wrong. This is one such opinion, that may not be clearly wrong, but is certainly stupid.

  4. If they trade Gaudin and/or Mitre then that will be good. That will free up funds to get an outfielder in the ranks of Johnny Damon who is seeking a $ 9-10 million deal.

    But if not the Yankees should use them in the 5th spot of the starting rotation, the bullpen, or slide them back in the minors.

  5. I don’t know what the “correct” answer is to this whole scenario. All I know is, the Joba I saw in the bullpen was an electric, game-ending, dominant pitcher and the Joba we generally saw as a starter was equally fantastic in small doses but ultimately perhaps not smart enough to be able to face a major league lineup three-four times in a game. Sure looked like we cut Samson’s hair with that move, but its still early and he obviously has the talent.

    As for Hughes, I think you absolutely should still be trying to make him a starter. Hopefully the bullpen success from last season got him comfortable and confident enough to give starting another try.

    • This just isn’t true. The Joba pre-08 Texas shoulder injury was electric in both roles. The Joba after that wasn’t electric in either role. Hopefully he regains that arm strength back.

  6. I also think there’s probably a large percentage of Yankee fans on this site who would rather have Joba in the rotation and the Yankees lose, than have Joba in the pen and the Yankees win. Who, at this point, would rather be right in principle than right in practice.

    • i like phil and joba in the pen. robertson , marte. aceves, melancon. of course mo.we need a long mop up guy or two, mitre may be the guy, girardi likes him. so gaudin can be the #5 he comes real cheap.. when phil went to the prn it turned our season around, before that we were in trouble, it would be nice to have another solid lefty

  7. I can’t imagine a single person on this site who would prefer to be right about anything they say or have anything they say should happen over the Yankees winning.

    A value judgment has been made by those who want Joba to start, and most of that’s based on the fact that starting pitchers have far more value than middle relievers.