Price: Red Sox Team Of The Decade

Earlier today, Ed Price wrote an article about the team of the decade that included the following chart:

[image title=”aoajuv” size=”full” id=”13566″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]

Considering that chart, it must be obvious who Price picked as the team of the decade, right? Not so fast:

But while the Yankees had the best winning percentage for the 2000s as a whole — .597, with a 965-651 record — we have chosen the Red Sox as the team of the decade.

Boston earns the nod not just based on its success but also for the way the franchise turned itself around and became a standard-bearer in ways for the industry….

That October was the defining time of the decade. It saddled the Yankees’ with a vulnerability that lasted five years, it dialed up the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry and it turned New England fans’ expectations from inevitable doom to annual contention.

The Yankees had more wins, pennants, and playoff appearances, and an equal number of championships. The Red Sox won the narrative of the decade by breaking The Curse, and that makes it feel like they had the better decade. But if you objectively put the teams head to head, the Yankees owned 7 of those 10 years (with 2004, 2007, and 2008 being the exception). The New York Yankees are the team of the decade.

Do you agree?

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