Mets closing in on Jason Bay

Its now being reported that the Mets and Jason Bay have come to terms on a four year $66 million contract, pending a physical. The move makes sense for the Mets, so long as Jason Bay has enough power to lift the ball out of cavernous Federal Bailout Park … I mean Citi Field. Bay will add power to an improved Mets lineup, provided injured stars Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran return from injury at full strength.

Attention will shift back to the Red Sox and the Yankees, now that Bay is off the market. The perception is that the Yankees need a left fielder, but to many analysts the team is currently strong enough to compete. More than anything, this will intensify the microscope on the Red Sox. So far this off season they’ve let Bay go, and tried to trade Mike Lowell to Texas. They replaced Bay with Mike Cameron, which may have saved money but is also an offensive downgrade.

The Sox were long thought to be out of the Bay sweepstakes, but now that he is about to be off the market its difficult to ignore that the Red Sox have failed to add power to a lineup that went cold at the end of 2009. So far, advantage Yankees.

3 thoughts on “Mets closing in on Jason Bay

  1. Cavernous….not true. Sorry for taking it out on you (not really), but I'm sick of people saying things without actually knowing anything about it. The Mets lost all their power to injuries and David Wright tinkering with his hitting approach last year. It's not even a major part of your writeup here, but you're one of hundreds of misinformed people wrongly blaming the stadium for what was really a personnel problem.

  2. I'll take that criticism. I have a similar complaint about the new Yankee Stadium. There was a flurry of home runs at the beggining of the season, but by season's end it was only a slight hitters park. It wasn't nearly the band box so many commentators thought. Long way of saying, you're right; I don't know didley about Federal Bailout Park.

  3. You are absolutely correct in that assessment. I concede your Yankee Stadium point. Well met.