Best takedown of of Mets organization

  • “Still, it speaks to the team’s recognition that baseball trades in a new currency youth and that the Mets always arrive late to the party of the latest trend. New York spent $3.1 million on the amateur draft in 2009. It was the lowest figure in the game.”
  • “To compensate, they dole out dollars in the most inefficient market: free agency. Bay hits for power and he gets on base and he fits into a clubhouse well, and every team desires such a player. He’s also 31. Defensive metrics and scouts agree he’s a massive liability in left field. He was obviously blanching at playing for the Mets and in the massive Citi Field, or he wouldn’t have spent more than two weeks spelunking for another offer before taking New York’s.”
  • “Give [Minaya] this much: He is a survivor, somehow wrangling a contract extension out of the Wilpon family at the height of fans’ disdain with him more than a year ago. In 2007 and 2008, the Mets twice collapsed in September, the enormity of the meltdowns overshadowing a misguided organizational philosophy. This year, with injuries compounding a poorly constructed roster, the Mets weren’t merely a 92-loss, $149 million disappointment. They were an afterthought, the worst possible label in New York.”

That’s a takedown of the finest order.

And Passan didn’t even touch on the Tony Bernazard mess…

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